Confessions Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything You need to know

Confessions Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything You need to know:

Netflix is developing yet another extraordinary series with a unique concept and for that Paul Wesley is also in it, playing various vital roles. Not just the actor but so many other things too.

Netflix Series Confessions

One more amazing project has been already in the works at Netflix, that too with The Vampire Diaries fame Paul Wesley. The Confessions is one of the long-pending projects on which popular actor Paul Wesley wanted to work for such a long time.

This is: The confessions of a Drug-addicted high school teacher and the story itself contains so much more than just the confessions. It would be one of the most interesting as well as awaited projects from Netflix.

Confessions Storyline

In 2015, there was a non-fiction article by Jason Smith that was about The Confessions of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher. The article contained some of the most shocking discovering other than the drug addiction part.

He also added some revelations including teaching while anesthetized by a heavy dose of prescription narcotics. He also found that some of his students even started to relate to him as being “broken” just like them. They all lived in a small town where almost everyone was obsessed with high school football.

Team Behind Confessions

The Vampire Diaries (TVD) starring Paul Wesley is one of the executive producers and also he plays the main role in the series. Along with Paul, he is being accompanied by TVD co-developer, executive, and showrunner Julie Plec and Bradley Paul (of Better Call Saul).

The series is being produced by Universal Television and the production partnership is with Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment with Paul Wesley. His company Citizen Media is also one of the producers.

A “Passion” Project

Since 2016, the “Confessions” has been Paul Wesley’s passion project and he has been working towards making this reality. And now, it is finally happening along with Netflix and many other leading producers. Julie Plec will be the writer for his passion series and which will be released on Netflix.

Since the article was published, Paul has been thinking about associating it with his production house and producing a series for the same. Immediately after forming his production house, Citizen Media now he is going to continue with the project.

Julie Plec

As we discussed earlier, Paul’s previous show’s writer cum friend Julie Plec will be writing the Confessions. Her previous credits such as The Vampire Diaries, New Mexico, Roswell, The Originals, and many more have been quite popular and are brilliant works. Along with Julie, Bradley Paul will act as the co-writer of the series. He is popular for his works associated with Better Call Saul.

Producers of Confessions

Paul Wesley himself is one of the executive producers along with his former producer/ partner Bob Levy. There is Kapital Entertainment’s Kaplan and Brian Morewitz, My So-Called Company’s Plec, and Emily Cummins as producers. Not just that, Universal Television also happens to be one of the producers of the show.

What exactly is the “Confessions”?

The series is based on Jason Smith’s non-fiction article titled The Confessions of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher. According to the article, he had 2 years spent as a teacher at a high school in California. He was anesthetized due to the heavy dose of prescribed narcotics and still continued teaching.

He, later on, found that, to some extent, he was broken from inside due to the addiction and that attracted some of the students. He then realized that he is not all by himself throughout this obsession and wants to escape from himself.

Cast of Confessions

The lead role will be, of course, played by Paul Wesley. Since The Vampire Diaries and moreover after that, he has been quite popular and has a huge fan base from across the world. He recently got into the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds playing the iconic role of James T. Kirk.

Everyone is aware of Paul’s work as the lead actor in The Vampire Diaries but not everyone is aware that he also happens to have directed multiple episodes of the series.

The creativity doesn’t end here, Paul has also been writing as well as producing projects such as Heels, Animal Kingdom, Lodge 49, and many more. He is being represented by VTA and Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka.

Confessions: Total Episodes

The series is currently being written and has not yet been completed. Hence the shooting has also not yet started. As soon as the writing has been finished, there will be an official shooting schedule, for each episode.

Then, we can also know about the total number of episodes from the writer’s team of Confessions. There is a probability that there will be a total of 8-10 episodes, presuming on the genre of the series.

Confessions Trailer Release

There is no trailer released for the series as the shooting has not yet been started. Being one of the star-stud projects that too from big platforms like Netflix, fans are quite eager to know each and every detail regarding the series.

Soon after the shooting schedule has been in the works, there will be an official notification released regarding the trailer as well as an official release date.

Confessions Release Date

Netflix has not yet released any official release date regarding the Confessions release. It is mainly because there has not been any finalized schedule declared by the creators’ team.

We can expect that the series will be almost ready by the first half of 2023 and then there will be an official date released by the Netflix official. 

Stay tuned to get all the latest notifications regarding Confessions from us. We will share more details as soon as the official team shares the same.

Netflix will be confirming the official shooting schedule for the series and will also share the official Confessions release date.