Margot Robbie Opens Up About Why She Didn’t Audition for Her Barbie Role

Margot Robbie Opens Up About Why She Didn’t Audition for Her Barbie Role

After being such a huge success, everyone genuinely thanks Director Greta Gerwig for everything she did. Starting from the very obvious choice – the cast members. Everyone who plays their respective roles has been much appreciated by fans and critics as well. Starting from the leading roles, Barbie and Ken. In a recent interview, it was quite surprising when Margot Robbie shared how she got this role. 

How did she get Barbie’s Role?

Initially, when the movie was in the works, Margot Robbie was the producer amongst a vast list of people. When she and director Greta Gerwig discussed it, Margot said she was passionate about producing this film and would not be associated with Barbie in any other capacity. 

On hearing this, Greta said, to Margot’s surprise, that she already has the person in mind who will be playing Barbie, and also, she has written the story by keeping only that person in mind. That was none other than Margot Robbie herself. She was surprised to know when she heard this because she was not ready to be Barbie in the film as Barbie herself. 

Barbie and Ken

Not just Barbie’s role but the male leading role of Ken, which Ryan Gosling plays, was also unplanned by herself. But looks like Greta already had everything in mind. It was Greta’s idea that Ryan should be the one to play Ken, and she thought that he would be perfect for this role. As Greta said, “It always said in the script” ‘Barbie, Margot’ and ‘Ken, Ryan Gosling.”

Margot Robbie as Barbie

Before Margot Robbie was finalized for the iconic role of Barbie, many actresses were considered for the role. But somehow, for whatever reasons, it didn’t work out, and finally, Greata’s choice was Margot Robbie – and we all know how amazing it turned out to be. 

Actresses who were considered for this role were Amy Schummer, Gal Gadot, Anne Hatheway, and more. Somehow everything came down to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The writer-director, Greta Gerwig, decided this because she had them in mind while writing the story.

For that, everyone is thankful and can not watch enough of the film because they are so in love with such a remarkable film. Barbie movie was released alongside another much-awaited, Oppenheimer. Still, Barbie managed to break many records when it gained a much better response from the audience.