Model Neelam Kaur Shares Truth About Leonardo Di Caprio Dating Rumors

Model Neelam Kaur Shares Truth About Leonardo Di Caprio Dating Rumors

There have been rumors about The Revenant star Leonardo Di Caprio and his dating life recently. He was rumored to be dating famous Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid and others. There have been no official statements from either of the celebrities. But when there were rumors about him dating another model, Neelam Kaur Gill – the model herself shared a statement stating she is not dating Leonardo Di Caprio. 

So what exactly happened?

Leonardo Di Caprio was seen on a yacht with some people, enjoying. It was on 27th July in Sardinia. Amongst everyone present, Neelam Kaur was also present there. Because of that, there were rumors that she was the one Leo was dating. But that was not the case; a mere case of misunderstanding. So to clear that up, she has shared a statement clarifying everything. 

She wrote, “Just to clear up any rumors…I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘new flame.’ In fact, I am in a committed relationship with his good friend and have been for many months now. The only reason we have been pictured in the same vicinity is because I have been there with my partner. I hope this clears up all the false stories.” So many be, it was Gigi all along, whom he is dating. We can’t be sure. 

Is he Dating Gigi Hadid?

There have been multiple incidents where the duo – Leonardo Di Caprio and Gigi Hadid are seen together. Through various parties, public meeting places, hotels, and more. Still, none of them have clarified anything about their relationship status. It might be because of Gigi’s recent split from her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. 

Close Friend Sources

Many talks have been about how Leo goes to a party, and Gigi comes in second from their closer friends. Gigi was also said to always stay at his side when attending common parties. And lately, there have been so many such “common” parties that both have attended and flirted briefly. Not just that, but according to their close friends, Gigi looks happy when she is around Leo. 

For now, one thing is clear that Leonardo Di Caprio is undoubtedly not dating model Neelam Kaur. So, there’s a chance that he might be dating Gigi Hadid due to their recent appearances together at various restaurants and parties. Still, there is nothing official from either of them; hence it would be hard to confirm what is happening.