Twice The Luck For This Lottery Winner

A Frenchman, known only as Alain, was in shock and couldn’t believe he won the £1 million jackpot for the second time. What’s more incredible is that it was on his wedding day, and he had won one of the huge lottery prizes for the second time.

Alain won two million euros from the EuroMillions lottery within two years. He is one of just a handful of people who have had two lucky wins on the Euromillions and beaten the odds.
Continue reading to learn the full story of Alain’s unbelievable luck.

The Moment It Happened

Alain was out walking his dog the first time he won, in 2020, when he stopped to check the numbers. He didn’t honestly believe he’d win, like everybody who plays the lottery, but he enjoyed the excitement.

He was first doubtful of the win and stated that he double-checked the numbers multiple times. Alain was overjoyed when he realized that he had won. He took time off from work to begin planning his wedding with his partner.

The Euromillions winner planned to give his future wife the wedding of her dreams, as well as a spectacular honeymoon. Following that, Alain revealed that he spent his lottery money on his family and closest friends, and even bought his son a house.

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An Unbelievable Second Win

In April of this year, the pair married. On his wedding day, Alain tried his luck once again by purchasing another EuroMillions lottery ticket.

Sometime between the ceremony and the reception, Alain checked his numbers. It wasn’t long before he realized his wildest fantasies had come true: he’d become a millionaire for the second time! This time, there was no doubt about it.  The groom immediately broke the news to his new bride. ‘I think you could say the party was very successful!’ said Alain.  

Life After The Jackpot

The couple went on their honeymoon right away, so he brought the ticket with him. ‘It was better to take the life-changing ticket than to leave it at home,’ he explained. From his honeymoon, he called to claim his prize. He plans to invest the additional million in real estate in the hopes of making a good profit.

Despite his healthy bank balance,  the French native says that he will continue to play the lottery. His philosophy is that  “all good things come in threes,” and he believes that another million is not far away.

So far he is one of the few lottery winners who handled their money wisely rather than frittering it away. Alain continues to work and live a simple life, albeit more comfortably.

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Wedding Day Millionaires

This couple’s story is not the only one where the newlyweds became millionaires on their wedding day. A couple from Western Australia’s south west discovered they had won the division one $1.1m Lotto jackpot just minutes after their wedding ceremony.

The groom-to-be, believing that he was lucky because it was his wedding day, bought a lottery ticket from a local shop. The wedding was a fantastic occasion but the afterparty was even better. They used the money to pay off their mortgage and to travel the world.


Winning the lottery and getting the jackpot is a very rare occurrence, with the odds being around one in 14 million. So when someone wins the lottery multiple times, we must simply take our hats off to them and their good fortune.

We will keep our fingers crossed for Alain as he continues to buy lottery tickets. Maybe it will be the third time a charm and his next million may just be one lottery ticket away.