Legendary Show Takeshi’s Castle Confirmed to Return for UK and Ireland

Legendary Show Takeshi’s Castle Confirmed to Return for UK and Ireland

Do you remember the popular Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle? If you do, you are a legend. Kids born in the 90s, even those born pre and post-that era, enjoyed this fantastic show, which has now been confirmed to return. As the latest news confirmed, the show Takeshi’s Castle Reboot is all set to release on Amazon Prime for UK and Ireland. Let’s get right into the details and know more about the show. 

Takeshi’s Castle: A Japanese Show

If you are a fan, you already know what the show is about. The show’s reboot is expected to have even more madness and crazy contestants taking part in various challenges on different levels. There are going to be more than 100 contestants who will be competing against each other through the impenetrable – Takeshi’s Castle. 

The ones who, if any, get through all the levels and crazy levels of the show will be taking home the prize money, which is 1 million yen. 

Who will be the Host?

One of the most critical aspects of this show was the commentators/show presenters. Because of their incredible commentary, everyone just loved the show, as they had a way of making everything hilarious. The reboot of Takeshi’s Castle will be presented by Tom Davis – from The Curse and Romesh Ranganathan from Weakest Link. 

Amongst the confirmed commentators, Davis is said to be a die-hard fan of the original show Takeshi’s Castle. So that sounds promising, as a fan would do the job perfectly. He has also been said to be “the fan of watching people fall off things and then go on humiliating themselves on the camera.” 

The aim would be to re-create the mayhem from the ‘90s era and make viewers feel those nostalgic vibes while watching the show. 

Where to Watch Takeshi’s Castle Reboot?

The show will be released on the popular online platform Amazon Prime. It will be aired from 30th August 2023 for Ireland and UK regions. Fans from other regions must wait until the release to learn more about other regions and their schedule. 

Fans from the UK eagerly await the show’s release as they can’t wait to see it through the “unique British perspective” and enjoy the show with the commentators. In a recent interview, the commentators revealed that they feel that nothing is more magical than a reboot of a successful show from yesteryear, and they can’t wait for the show to start.