Tyra Banks Recreated her Life-Size Character in Reference to the Popular Barbie Movie Release

Tyra Banks Recreated her Life-Size Character in Reference to the Popular Barbie Movie Release

Do you remember the famous movie from 2000 starring Tyra Banks? It is one of the legendary roles she has played, and now with the release of the Barbie movie, she has recreated her role. The movie was quite popular amongst youth as it contained some magical storyline and many other amazing things. There was also a sequel to the film, Life-Size 2. 

Tyra Banks Recreated the Doll Character

Recently, when one of the most popular movies of the year 2023 – Barbie, is releasing, actress Tyra Banks recreated her doll character from Life-Size. She played the leading role, where a doll comes to life and becomes a life-size person. 

The actress shared pictures of herself as the character she played in her costume and looked exactly like a doll, similar to the recent Barbie release. She even wore a gemstone necklace and had her hair done elegantly, making fans remember the character she played. 

Another exciting thing is that she captioned this post with the funniest line. The post’s caption said, “Ken, you’re leaving me for WHO?” Many fans reacted to the post in just a few minutes and shared many compliments. Along with that, some of her closest friends also commented and shared the post. Everyone was stunned and the happiest at the same time. 

Life-Size: A 2000 Movie

The film came in 2000, 23 years ago, when the actress played the role along with Lindsay Lohan. She played the role of a girl who did the spell, making the doll form the life inside her and come to life. 

Seeing the film’s popularity, a sequel part also did quite well. In the second part, there was Francia Raisa, who played alongside the actress. The movie came long before Barbie, and Tyra Banks was one of the famous actresses who had the chance to play such an iconic role of a doll. Now fans love these dolls even more when everyone is gaga over Barbie. 

Tyra Banks: A Multi-Talented Personality

Some fans might think of her as an actress, but not many know about her multi-talented personality. She is also a writer, producer, television personality, and much more. She used to be a Victoria’s Secret Model; later, she became the first African-American Woman on the cover of GQ magazine. She has also appeared as the judge on popular reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars, America’s Next Top Model, and many more.