Blake Lively Once More Gives Hilarious Reply on a Social Media Comment

Blake Lively Once More Gives Hilarious Reply on a Social Media Comment

Hollywood’s funniest and everyone’s favorite couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have once again proved how funny they are. Here, we have Blake Lively going crazy in a social media comment while she is giving a hilarious reply. This happened when someone commented on a recent post by Blake Lively on Instagram. 

What was the comment?

Recently, Blake Lively shared a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a bikini and showing her beautifully maintained figure. The shocking thing is that she recently gave birth to their fourth child. Everyone was surprised to see her in such a well-maintained unbelievable figure. In this photo, “Somebody commented, “How do you have four kids?” 

As we all know, Blake can’t keep calm when someone asks something. So she went on replying and said, “Don Saladino,” and also tagged her. By that, she meant it is her trainer who has helped her maintain the figure. But then she realized what she did because the question was, How did she have four kids? 

She then immediately went on and said, “Wait, no. That’s not how. He’s not the father. He’s just the one who helps me fit into (some of) my clothes again after. He’s an even better person and friend than a trainer. And that’s saying a lot.” 

Blake and Ryan Funny Moments

Both of them are popular for roasting each other openly for a long time. Also, they enjoy it when the other one does such. Amongst everything, fans enjoy seeing such real couples who go on roasting each other; even when they are celebrities, they behave like ordinary people. It is one of the qualities why they are the fan-favorite couple in Hollywood. 

Blake Lively

She has four kids with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, including James, Inez, Betty, and a recently born baby. The couple is popular as they have been trolling each other through various social media posts and stories. It is funniest when they go on trolling the other on their birthdays. 

There have been various such incidents where they go on trolling heavily by posting blurry and awkward photos of the other person, and also, along with the photos, they have such funny caption that makes you fall in love with their chemistry. 

There are many such social media posts where they have been trolling and saying various things about themselves. It includes many of their anniversary and birthday celebration pictures.