YSR Jagananna Chedodu Scheme: Beneficiary List

India is currently suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only India but all over the world are fighting with the CORONA pandemic. The economy of every country in the world is at its lowest level. Every country is trying to improve the GDP and economy of their county. Also, to avoid the infection chain of the pandemic, the govt did launch lockdown conditions in the nation.

The lockdown will affect every citizen of India in a direct way or indirect way. However, the govt, after the procedure of unlocking, has announced many schemes. So that will help the citizen of the nation in a financial way.

The street vendors, daily earners, tailors as well as vegetable vendors get some impact due to this lockdown condition. The central govt, as well as the state govt, is now announcing the beneficiary scheme, which will help the affected people.

About the YSR Jagananna Chedodu Scheme:

The govt of India is launching many schemes in considering each citizen of India. Here, we will talk about the scheme which gives financial help to the people of the state. Recently, the Andhra Pradesh govt has launched a scheme called the “YSR Jagananna Chedodu Scheme.”

This scheme is related to give financial help to the Rajakas /Dhobi (Washermen) Nayee Brahmin (Barber) Tailor belonging to BC, EBC, and Kapu Community. The scheme did launch on 10th June 2021. The scheme is under the govt of Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched this scheme.

This is one type of state-level welfare scheme. Also, the scheme will be in force during the financial year 2020-2021. So the main aim of launching this scheme is to provide financial support to meet the investment needs of the beneficiaries.

Under this scheme, the govt will also give financial help of about Rs.10,000 to all the beneficiaries. The COVID-19 pandemic makes many workers jobless. Many people as well as the worker have lost their job during this lockdown condition. To help them to survive in this critical situation, the govt will help them by giving some financial help to them.

The lockdown affects the labor, driver, small workers, etc. There are still some people who really want to do the job or any type of work. But they can not find the work. This scheme is for those people who can survive with the help of the govt.

The benefits of this scheme are mainly applicable to the tailors, washermen/ dhobis, and Tailors of the AP State. The people who already have one business in the state to survive. Due to the lockdown, their business world is slow. So those people can get the advantage of this scheme. But the people need some financial support to work their business. Also, the govt will help them to regenerate the business by giving them some financial support.

The launch of this scheme in the middle of this critical situation is a significant relief for the people. Because they really need financial support. This scheme will also economically give them some comfort. Finally, the scheme did launch on the 10th of June, and perhaps till the next month, the beneficiaries will get the amount of money in their account.

Who are the Beneficiaries of Jagananna Chedodu?

As far as we know that the Andhra Pradesh govt has launched a scheme that will financially help the beneficiaries. The govt gave them Rs.10,000 amount on a monthly basis. However, the govt of Andhra Pradesh has declared the guidelines of the scheme.

You can read the guidelines of the scheme on the official portal of the scheme. The govt has decided on the list of the beneficiaries who get the benefits of this scheme. The beneficiaries of this scheme are as below:

  • Rajakas/Dhobis (Washermen) of the state
  • Nayee Brahmin (Barbers) having their establishment.
  • Tailors belonging to the Backward Class (BC), Extremely Backward Classes (EBC) category, and Kapu Community

Jagananna Chedodu Eligibility Criteria

In the guidelines, if the scheme, the govt has cleared the eligibility criteria of the scheme. That means the person who is fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the scheme will only get the benefits of the scheme.

  • The first criterion is the person should be a permanent resident of the Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Rajakas, Nayee Brahmin, and Tailors belonging to BC, EBC, and Kapu Community involved in their respective professions. They should be having a permanent or mobile establishment registered in their names.
  • All the beneficiaries should belong to the BPL family and must have supporting documents.

Key points of Jagananna Chedodu 2021 Scheme

  • The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh launches the scheme on 10th June 2021.
  • The financial benefits of Rs. 10,00/- is given to the applicant who has applied to this scheme.
  • There are almost 82347 Rajkas, 126926 Tailors, and 38767 NayeeBrahmins in the state who can get the advantage of this scheme.
  • The budget that is allotted to this scheme y the govt of Andhra Pradesh is Rs. 247.04 crores.
  • The identification of the beneficiaries will be made through the survey that is conducted by the ward volunteers all over the state.
  • The fund of the benefits of the applicant will be directly deposited to the bank account of the applicant. For that purpose, the applicant must have to give the details of their bank accounts to the govt.
  • Andhra Pradesh govt is thinking about launching the portal for this scheme so that the applicant will get every information about the scheme that will be available on that portal.
  • The link to the official website of this scheme will be updated by the govt soon. On the official website, the applicant will get complete information about the scheme and able to apply it on the same website. It will be easier for the applicant to apply through the official website.

Jagananna Chedodu Document Required

When a person wants to apply for this scheme, the applicant should have to give some information to the govt of AP. Make sure that the document you have submitted or the information you provided to the govt will be accurate, authentic, and valid.

  • A valid mobile number (preferably registered with the bank account)
  • Aadhaar Card of the beneficiary
  • Voter Id Card
  • BPL certificate
  • Registration No./Certificate of the business establishment
  • Bank details
  • Passport-sized photograph