My Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan in Maharashtra

Nowadays, the world is fighting with the CORONA pandemic. The world is stopped right now. Every people is afraid of the CORONA pandemic. Every Government is busy taking steps against this pandemic. The vaccine is on its way. The high-power country is challenging each other for vaccine competition. However, any country can not make an effective vaccine till the date.

The health organization over the world, called the World Health Organization (WHO), is consistently publishing the guidelines on the COVID-19 pandemic. Every people on the earth is afraid of the COVID-19 epidemic. The tremendous amount of people is affected by the CORONA virus.

Due to the CORONA virus, the world economy is on its lowest peck. The Government is trying to reduce this pandemic by announcing many precautions guidelines of their country. Some countries have announced the lockdown conditions. Some have increased the testing amount in their country.

Here, we talk about one of the Asian country India. India has controlled the situation of the pandemic at the beginning of applying the lockdown situation in the country. However, India is opening its economy through unlocking one, two, three, four. As the economy is opening, the cases of COVID-19 is increases.

According to recent news, India has the second-largest amount of cases in the world after the United States of America. India has a tremendous amount of population. Due to the population, the spread of the virus is more. India will have to choose the other effective option to reduce the cases of COVID-19 pandemic.

About My Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan

Indian Government is opening its economy through the unlock process. But the cases in some states are rapidly increasing. The states in which the cases of COVID-19 is increases they have to control them by implementing many policies.

In the unlock condition, the central Government gives relief to the state government to implement the policy on their own to reduce the infection. However, many states announced the lockdown situation in the contentment area of their states. Maharastra has the highest number of cases in the country.

To prevent the cases in the Maharashtra state, recently, the Maharashtra government has announced a campaign name My family my responsibility. However, this camping will include the door-to-door survey of the state to know about the health of the citizens and check complete details.

This campaign will be launched on 15th September 2020. This campaign will affect the major involvement of the public to their health, and the Government will come to know about the health and other details to reach out to every home of the state.

How to Implement This campaign:

To implement the My family My responsibility campaign, the Government will take assistance from the elected public representatives, NGOs, and local residents. The Maharastra government has also given the guideline to the hospitals that the person who does need any medical treatment should not be admitted to the hospital. However, there are many benefits to this guideline.

The person that does not require any medical treatment is discharged from the hospital, and they don’t have to pay the bills of the hospital. The place for the new cases is available, so the new patient need not go to another hospital. The proper treatment for the patient can be avail.

As adequate treatment is given to the patient, the recovery rate of the patient will also increase. The discharge of the people should be on time so that the next patient can deliver the proper treatment.

Maharashtra My Family My Responsibility Campaign 2020

The Maharashtra government has announced door to door campaign which conducted by the volunteers of the Government named Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan from 15th September.

However, the announcement to start the campaign, My family, My Responsibility, is made by the chief minister of Maharashtra, Uddav Thackeray, on 4th September 2020. According to the report, the Government will cover the 2.25 crore family in Maharashtra through this campaign.

Goal of Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Campaign

The campaign is declaring to know more bout the health of the citizen and other details about the citizens of the Maharastra state. This campaign will help to reduce the infection of the CORONA pandemic.

Due to this campaign, it will also help the Government to know about the public situation and facilities that the public can have from the states. Here, I have shortlisted some goal that the Maharashtra government have to achieve to be successful in this mission.

  • The volunteers will educate the citizens about the CORONA pandemic. They can give information about the precautions that a person should take during this pandemic situation.
  • Under this mission, the volunteers will visit the door to door house of the Maharashtra state and collect the information about the pandemic situation.
  • The volunteer will measure the body temperature of the citizen through a temperature indicator. With the help of temperature, the volunteer will come to know about the health of the citizen.
  • The oxygen level will also be checked. Therefore, the volunteer will go to every door of the house and check the oxygen condition of the people.
  • The volunteers will also check the other symptoms of the CORONA virus that is fever, tiredness, throat pain, dry cough, diarrhea, and loss of smell and taste. If any of the symptoms have been seen in the citizen, then they can be a CORONA positive patient. However, to avail them of proper treatment, the volunteer will give them good advice to recover.
  • Volunteers will give the proper advice to the affected people and suggest some homemade treatment also so that they can recover at the home quarantine situation also.

Effects of This Campaign

These are the major goal of this campaign. However, the Government will achieve this goal by doing a transparent door to door inspection. This way, the Government can reduce the cases of the CORONA pandemic.

This will lead to awareness in the public who are uneducated. It will help them to recover themselves from the CORONA pandemic. This consistently reduces the infraction of the virus from each other. Therefore, the public will get completely were aware of the CORONA pandemic.