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India is a developing country in this world. To make India a developed country, every stage of the economy should be strengthened. The economy of India is based on three pillars. The first pillar of the economy is agriculture. The second pillar of the economy is the manufacturing sector. The third pillar of the economy is the service sector. Since independence, India is doing good in the service sector of the economy.

The first pillar and second pillar of the economy are performing weaker than the service sector. India is trying to developing the second pillar of the economy. However, the first pillar of the economy that is the Agriculture sector, is based on the monsoon season in India. The manufacturing industry is not performing well in India. However, the Indian government is trying to improve the manufacturing sector in India.

The service sector gives more than 50% of the GDP portion of India. To improve the manufacturing industry of India, we first should improv the Research and development department in India. To improve R&D in the country, we improve the education level of India.

The Indian government is launching many schemes regarding enhancing the education sector in India. Indian governments are releasing guidelines about the career option to the students who are studying in the 10th and 12th standards. The student who wants to study further and they don’t have enough money to do further study and guidelines, and then the government will provide them every resource that they want to get.

Effect of Maharastra Maha Career Portal

Recently, the Maharastra government has introduced the Portal called Maharastra Maha Career Portal. This Portal is launched by the education minister of the Maharastra government, Shri. Varsha Gaikwad. The state government of Maharastra launched the Portal related to the student of Maharastra who is studying in the 9th to 12th class.

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This student can get information about their career, and this Portal will direct them. In this article, you will get all information about the Maharastra Maha Career Portal and will get step by step information about the Portal.

The Maharastra Maha Career Portal is one type of informative Portal on which students who are studying in the class 9th and 12th will get the information about their career. This Portal is launched by the education department of the Maharashtra government. This Portal will give you the information about the further study option to the students of the class 9th and 12th.

They will be happy to know about the Portal that will provide information about their career. Students can visit the Portal and get all information regarding their careers. This is a piece of great news for the student who is looking for the further options of their study.  However, this Portal is launched by the Maharashtra government’s educational department minister Varsha Gaikwad.

With the use of this Portal, the students of the Maharastra government will get correct information about their careers and make their future on the right side of the education. They can decide their career by themselves and create a better future for them and their family members.

This Portal will help the student to choose their career option as well as it will indirectly help India to become a developed country in the world. If you want to know about the updated information on this Portal, then you must have to read this full article.

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About Maharastra Maha Career Portal

Maharashtra government launched this Portal to save the student’s career loss. Maharashtra government makes an excellent decision to provide the online class education to the students to class 9th to class 12th. This Portal will give the information to almost 6600000 students of the Maharashtra state.

The information that includes regarding courses, fees structure, entrance exam, scholarship programs, and other opportunities that can be provided to the students.

In this lockdown situation, students who are very encouraged and curious about their career will get help through this Portal. They can get information and decides their future accordingly. If you are looking for this same information, then you should definitely visit this Portal, and you will come to know about your future career option. This implementation of the Portal can help the students to understand more about their career sitting at home in this lockdown condition.

Login procedure at Maha Career Portal

Are you looking for a career option? Are you confused with too many career options? Then this Portal will help you know about your career. This Portal will help you to know about further career options and a bright future.

To know more about this Portal, you have to visit this Portal. To visit this Portal, you have to log in on that Portal. Here, I will give the step by step information about how to log in on that Portal.

  • Firstly, you have to open the official website of the Portal. The link to the official website is
  • When you open the official page of the Portal, then your screen of the portal display the homepage of the Portal. On the homepage of the Portal, you have to register your self on the Portal to visit the Portal virtually.
  • To visit the Portal, you have to enter the login id and password on the Portal. After entering, the login id and password on the Portal, you can visit on the Portal quickly.
  • You can select your password while entering the password by your self.
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Maha Career Portal Online Registration

If any students want to register themselves on the Portal, then students must have to contact their respective schools. That means that if any student wanted to register themselves on the Portal, then they must first contact their school to let them know about the Portal and get a cell id.

You have to obtain a cell id from your respective school. Without cell id, students will not be able to register themselves on the Portal on the official site This id can only be generated on the respective school of the students when you will able to get your cell Id.