Why more online platforms will start to incorporate AR in the future

Why more online platforms will start to incorporate AR in the future

With technology continuing to push boundaries and bring unimaginable ideas to reality and life, online platforms have had to make sure they stay ahead.

There has been a lot about virtual and augmented realities and the potential that they offer. There have been instances whereby these technologies have been used successfully, with gaming being a major platform. Mobile gaming, such as Pokémon Go, perhaps made everyone aware of its capabilities, while there have been titles across the iGaming industry to utilize it, too. For instance, you can use a top casino online Canada has offered players to experience games with new technologies.

As a result, we should still be able to experience a gradual and steady evolution in terms of more online platforms offering AR tech-based features. There have been numerous developments that would suggest it is only a matter of time.

Apple’s new device – Apple Vision Pro

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the Apple Vision Pro – a headset that will allow users to be able to experience mixed-reality features together. Naturally, there has been a lot of talk about its price – expected to be $3,499. Nonetheless, it is likely going to be a success, thus making it crucial online platforms cater to it.

Metaverse’s emergence

The metaverse has continued to emerge, although it does feel as though it has been a long-time coming. The concept is based on it being a virtual space that is intertwined with the physical world, thus allowing people to do many real-life things in a digital capacity. It has been slow to take off, but with new technologies becoming the norm and more accessible, more online platforms are likely to try and capitalize on its offering.

Online gaming

AR is already being experienced across online gaming, but there is no denying that there is still a long way to go. AR technology helps to create a new level of immersion, which is something all gamers have continually demanded with each release. Online platforms have recognized this and have tried to ensure they can incorporate the tech whenever possible. This, though, is only likely to escalate further in the near future as devices become more accessible.

Web3 browsing

The impact that AR is expected to have on Web3 browsing is undeniable. Also known as the decentralized web, Web3 is understood to be the internet’s next evolution. With no central point of control and an entirely new way of it being organized, the internet could become more immersive, thus enhancing the need for online platforms to adopt AR technologies within their offerings.


It is wise to expect to see online platforms incorporating AR – and other reality-based technologies – in the very near future. They are certainly the way forward, and with immersion being a key driver, it would be extremely surprising if we did not see it happen as soon as possible. It should be easy to assume and anticipate that more businesses and companies in the online gaming industry will begin experimenting with AR and incorporating it into their platforms.