Short films do not want subscription – Bolly4u or 7starhd

Five short films do not want subscription – Bolly4u or 7starhd:
There is a nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus. People are locked in homes. In such a situation, he is doing office work or spending quality time. You will also have a list of binge-watch on Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. However, you can also watch binge watch on YouTube, the oldest and most popular platform of video. Entertainment can come in any size. Be it a 3-hour movie or a twenty-minute short film, Maja is all in it. There are also a few select movies on YouTube, which you will get without any subscription. We will tell you about some such short films, seeing which you can pass a good time.

Short films Bolly4u or 7starhd


The Sanjay Mishra starrer short film ‘Adhikaar’ is based on the family-centric story. Love of family is selfish or selfless, it raises big questions. Adhikaar is a 21 minute 42-second short film made by Yash Verma. The movie stars Sanjay Mishra, Neeraj Purohit and Anupriya Goenka in the lead roles.


Jai Sharma’s short film ‘Ghaddaro’ is a 16 minute 07-second movie. The movie is based on the hope of making a donkey a human being. In this, a village teacher makes a web-based in the name of teaching English to the people. Vikrant Messi, who plays the character of Goru Dhobi, surrenders his donkey with the hope of making Master Sahab a human being.


Sapan i.e. Manoj Bajpai gets in love again. At this time, love falls in love with a beautiful girl named Kriti. But is this love true? To recognize this, Dr. Kalpana, who is a psychiatrist, comes forward to help. But does she really help? Shirish Kunder’s movie features Manoj Bajpai and Radhika Apte in the lead roles.

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In this movie of Priyanka Banerjee, the rape of women and children is told. This movie gives a very strong message in 13 minutes 1 second. It is a multi-starrer film, in which Kajol is seen in the lead role.

House chicken

In everyday life, the story of a housewife is ‘house hen’. The film stars Sakshi Tanwar in the lead role, who is tired of doing housework. Even after so much work at home, having no identity makes one feel bad. It is a women’s centric film, which is 17 minutes 33.