‘Agnes of my soul’: A woman with arms to take

nes of my soul, the successful novel by the Chilean author Isabel Allende, It already has its television adaptation, available from this Friday on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega They star in this series that in eight chapters tells the true story of Inés Suárez, a young and brave woman from Extremadura who in 1537 sailed to America in search of her husband, whom she had not heard from for years. There, however, she ended up finding the true love of her life, the Spanish conqueror. Pedro de Valdivia, with whom he embarked on an adventure that made them the main architects of the birth of a nation, Chile.

“It is a love story and also the story of the birth of a nation, but above all it is the story of a woman who broke all the rules and conventions, with a very strong personality, who joined a conquest and who dragged her dreams and ideals to Pedro de Valdivia ”, explains Eduardo Noriega ,. “All these plots are very intertwined, both in the novel and in Pablo Mateo’s scripts,” he adds.

The Extremaduran participated in the expedition to conquer Chile of Pedro de Valdivia, with whom she lived a romance

Inés is a young girl from Plasencia who lives with all the moral norms of the time imposed on her, “but who wants to break with them because she is ahead of her time; She wants to live and have experiences both in love and in adventures so fast-paced and spectacular that they will end up turning her into a warrior and a woman to take arms, ”says Elena Rivera.

Pedro de Valdivia also undergoes a transformation. After successfully participating in various military campaigns in Europe, Valdivia traveled to America. First to Peru, where he participated in the civil war that Francisco Pizarro had with Diego de Almagro. At the end of this conflict, with Almagro defeated, Valdivia “was presented with the opportunity to travel from Cuzco to Chile and there his ambition begins, which is not only for gold and wealth but to go down in history as Hernán Cortés or Pizarro “Explains Noriega.

Ines of my soul

Ines del alma mia (AMAZON PRIME VIDEO)

“He is a very special man, he is not the typical brutal and abusive soldier, but he is cultured and sensitive and falls in love with Inés, with whom he will live a passionate love despite the fact that she is a woman so contrary to social norms, family and religious that would scare any man. ” Also attracted by their strong personalities and ambitions, “together they will make an unprecedented journey because a woman has never enrolled in a conquest expedition until then,” he adds.

Inés Suárez and Pedro de Valdivia share a very idealistic vision of the New World and a desire not to take away the sins of the Old World. “That everyone be treated the same, regardless of where they were born or what their race is,” says Noriega. But once they arrive in Chile, Valdivia is going to be aware in his fight against the fierce Mapuche Indians “that in battle you either kill or they kill you and that a conquest is done only by defeating the enemy; there Valdivia will begin to change and distance herself from Inés, who although she is also a warrior and capable of killing when necessary, has a more idealized vision of that New World in which she wants to live. ”

Elena Rivera highlights Inés Suárez who is one of the few women whose history is written on paper. She admires that “she was able to fight against the fact that in the history of the conquerors they all seem to be warrior men” and she was surprised by her character that “she was capable of killing and in what way”.

Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega offered videoconference interviews to present the series, EUROPA PRESS 07/30/2020

Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega offered videoconference interviews to present the series, EUROPA PRESS 07/30/2020 (EP)

“They are two extraordinary and exciting lives and their trip from Cuzco to Santiago de Chile is amazing; the expedition crossed almost 3,000 kilometers on foot with all kinds of difficulties, starvation and disease, and they were able to survive. It is impossible for me that a person today could make that trip in these circumstances, “says Noriega.

The series, co-produced between RTVE, Boomerang TV and Chilevisión, has been shot in natural locations in Chile, Peru and Spain, and its cast also includes Benjamín Vicuña, Carlos Bardem, Francesc Orella, Federico Aguado and Enrique Arce, among others. After arriving on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, the series will air in a few months on TVE.

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