‘Fuenlabrada case’, the endless tangle

The mess of the deferred Deportivo – Fuenlabrada has still turned upside down to the Second division, whose outcome today is as uncertain as it is surreal. The only thing that is clear is that each club affected defends its interests fiercely, in most cases with the support of the Government of the respective autonomous communities from which they come.
Neither League nor Federation have been able to find a solution so far
; quite the contrary; have turned this end of the Second in a new setting to throw the junk over their heads.

Given that this is going to be a long time, the clubs have decided to start training, just in case. Fuenlabrada returned to training on Saturday with the eight skilled players it has – those who returned from Galicia on Friday – accompanied by the players of the subsidiary. The club of the south of the Community of Madrid was with the water around his neck and the ghost of the administrative descent haunting him but the decision of the Competition Committee rejecting him to give up the postponed match of Riazor has breathed new life into him and now he trusts again in being able to play the postponed duel.

A tweet issued on Saturday on the club’s website expressed that recovered state of mind: “We are not all there, but we are already recharging the batteries. Good morning Fuenlabrada! Back to work. LET’S GO FUENLA! In the team chaired by Jonathan Praena they are convinced that if Competition orders the game to be played, Deportivo will not appear, which would mean victory and automatic classification for the playoff as sixth place.

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Deportivo’s position

Requires a 24-team league

As it could not be otherwise, the joy with which Fuenlabrada received the Competition statement in which the postponed match was not terminated was received with suspicion by Deportivo, which bases its hopes on the desire to stay in the Second Thanks to the fact that the category is expanded to 24 teams, which the Federation is currently supporting, but the League is opposed to, because the employers understand that the distribution of the television pie will be lower when they have two more teams.

This set of interests shows in all its harshness the selfishness of those affected. Deportivo does not care who goes to play the promotion playoff. His desire is to stay in Segunda however he is. Fuenlabrada doesn’t care if the next league is 20, 24 or 100; the only thing that interests him is being able to play that playoff and, above all, that they do not lower administratively to Segunda B.

Collateral damage

Elche, Rayo, Zaragoza, Girona and Almería affected

The Federation’s position, expressed in a letter written by its secretary general Andreu Camps in which he assures that the League of 24 is the best solution “because administrative procedures can last months”, does not allude at all to what can happen with the promotion playoff. It could not sit worse for Elche, a club that as sixth placed was already playing the first promotional tie against Zaragoza.

But Elche is not the only one outraged. They are also Girona and Almería, with a safe place for the playoff, and to whom all this has affected them as collateral victims because they still do not have a date to play their tie.

The Second itself also appears prisoner of the entanglement: no end date, not knowing how many teams will compose it next season and when it will be able to start playing. The idea was to start on September 12-13 but if the promotion playoff to Primera was played in late August it would have to be delayed for obvious reasons.

More requests

Racing and Extremadura want a league of 26

In this troubled river scenario in which everyone wants to fish they also go ahead or other demands appear. Rayo is still determined to play a promotion playoff of six to have a place in it. The last to get on the bandwagon of requests are Extremadura and Racing de Santander, last classified and who now also demand to stay in the category by creating a league of not 24 but 26.

Extremadura’s tweet could not be more explicit: “We consider a total injustice and a lack of respect for our fans, city and region, the proposal presented by @rfef to @LaLiga and @deportegob”.

Racing’s was more or less the same: “From Racing we show our absolute rejection of @rfef’s proposal to @LaLiga, based on poor argumentation. We continue to defend consistency, League of 22 or 26 ”. Immediately Numancia, the third of the descendants, appeared. Endless mess.


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