Stranger Things Season 4 Monster Vecna: What is so special about this evil villain?

Stranger Things Season 4 Monster Vecna: What is so special about this evil villain?

With the worldwide premiere of Stranger Things Season 4, the cast of the series revealed some details regarding the new monster Vecna. He is said to be a new kind of horror, unlike we’ve seen before. 

Fans who have been waiting for the Stranger Things Season 4 release, are now absolutely impatient and want to watch the series ASAP. They will get to face the latest evil villain of Stranger Things Season 4 soon. 

Stranger Things Season 4 Storyline

The series is an homage to the ‘80s nostalgia i.e. Stranger Things by The Duffer Brothers. The storyline revolves around a bunch of young kids who live in Hawkins, Indiana, and go to the same high school. They, somehow, get to know about a mystery that no one knows about. 

It is a secret government project, more like experiments on young kids who are tested for various superpowers. There is a telekinetic kid – known as Eleven and there is another dimension called Upside Down which has monsters that destroy almost everything. 

Stranger Things Previous Seasons Monsters

Season 3 had Shadow Monster/ The Mind Flayer – obviously named after Dungeons and Dragons monster. It can possess the host and uses its own body as the vessel to carry out the evil. 

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Stranger Things Season 2 had someone who was originally called Shadow Monster. There is one character named Will Byers who gets into this scare and keeps getting in between the real world and the upside-down world, where this monster resides. It is a spider alike monster with smoke and shadows. 

World Premiere of Stranger Things Season 4

On being asked about the latest monster, cast members answered in various ways. All were depicting that the Stranger Things Season 4 monster Vecna is the most dangerous one ever. It is unlike any other monsters the series has ever seen. 

WARNING: Stranger Things Spoilers Ahead

Stranger Things Season 4 Storyline

The upcoming season’s story will start just six months after season 3’s finale. There are Mike, Dustin, and Lucas with some of their friends in Hawkins. Then there’s powerless Eleven along with Joyce, Will, and Jonathan in California. 

As season 3 ended with Hopper sacrificing himself in the upside-down gate, everyone thought that he died. But according to the trailer, he is in Russia, held captive in a prison.