Wireless headphones under $ 50: The best options

If you want to buy a pair of wireless headphones, but do not want to pay more than $ 100 in some AirPods The Galaxy Buds, do not despair: there are good options.

Here we present four options selected for their price (less than US $ 50), positive overall rating and recognized brands.

But one caveat: Don’t expect cheap headphones to offer you as many features or have the same sound quality as their more expensive counterparts.

These headphones sound good, but the sound is a little unbalanced when compared to the other options on this list. The bass can be distorted and I experienced drops, and even interrupted playback, especially when I have them connected to a laptop.

But I love the in-box USB cable that can be connected to an adapter or laptop. Call quality is good for phone calls and meetings at Zoom.

These are the only hearing aids on this list that have long feet like the AirPods and AirPods Pro. They are also the lightest for long-term use. However, the touchpads are too sensitive and a subtle movement like brushing my hair made the music pause.

Despite these annoyances, the T13s are still the best overall choice for listening to music and making calls. The box is USB-C charged and you get six hours of charge. They are IPX5 rated for water resistance.

I have a love / hate relationship with these headphones. Of all the headphones I tried, these are the ones I’d choose to listen to music. They are also the most comfortable for prolonged use.

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However, the sound quality was for some reason the worst: the microphone made my voice sound distant and distorted. They also have the shortest battery life of this selection (four hours) and the buttons are hard to press.

These are the most expensive hearing aids I’ve tried on this list. Their regular price is $ 49, but you can find them on sale for less than $ 40. They have an elegant design, with a shiny finish and a compact box. They are lightweight, but I couldn’t find a pad small enough to block out noise.

Audio is the least dynamic of all the headphones I’ve tried, but they sound good when you’re listening on an Android device thanks to aptX (a technology that helps provide better Bluetooth audio) and it has a solid connection to all the devices I’ve tried.

They are IPX5 rated for water resistance. The battery lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.


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