Why has the case of Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa reached such a critical point?

Last weekend, the long and endless legal dispute between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa again reached scandalous trims before the announcement that the latter plans to take away the custody of his son Matías from the former.

According to Alma Pellón, the lawyer of the Venezuelan actress, Gil asked for the cancellation of the visits that he was authorized to do a year ago, which the Argentine-born Puerto Rican interpreter has attributed to the fact that he was required to see the child only in a coexistence center.

The same lawyer said in a television program broadcast on Monday that Gil has hidden the real amount of income he has to avoid paying support, which corresponds to 20 percent of his total salary, while he offers only the percentage corresponding to your earnings from the “República Deportiva” program.

After the initial announcement on Sunday, Gil, clearly angry, made a live Instagram broadcast to present his point of view on what happened. “I cannot understand the impudence, [el] impudence, lack of morale and [la] Lack of love for Matías, where they released a press release notifying that there was a process open since January on a demand to take away my parental authority, “he said. “I want you to tell me the reasons why I can’t share or have a healthy life with my son.”

In the clip, Gil accuses his ex of taking advantage of “influence management” and “corruption in the Mexican judicial system” to win the trial, and assures that his departure from Mexico is due to threats whose authors he does not name. “You know what kind of pressure I mean,” he adds.

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Through other means, the interpreter shared recordings in which the amounts of money that Pellón demanded are heard, close to 10 and 15 thousand dollars and, according to him, absolutely excessive for the care of a baby.

“I have recordings of him colluding with people in restaurants, audio and video recordings; I have political interceptions, I have some things that you cannot imagine about yourself and your people ”, she comments. “I have many things; You challenged me and told me to show the audios, because I am going to show you the audio now ”.

Gil also broadcast an audio of ‘Alejandro’, who worked with De Sousa and who, according to him, when he stopped working with her, went to look for him to tell him that Mateo was crying when his father visited him at the family coexistence center because his mother He asked the nurse not to feed the boy before he arrived.

On the other hand, he said that he has already spent about 400 thousand dollars in this case and that, if he gets into one of parental authority, he would lose an additional 300 thousand dollars, the same that are destined for the assets of his three children, including East.

Finally, she asserted that the separation she had with De Sousa was caused by “problems of coexistence”, despite the fact that she later said that he had abandoned her during the birth of the child; and to demonstrate the contrary, she released an unpublished video where she is seen talking to the baby immediately after delivery.

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