[WBPDS] West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021: wbpds Ration Card

[WBPDS] West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021: wbpds Ration Card

The West Bengal government has launched the scheme for the digital ration card. The government is offering the grains to the below poverty line people. The people should have a ration card with them.

If the people do not have the ration card, then the grain will not be provided by the government to that person. The government is proving the grain to the backward people in a nominal way. The government assures that the person is backward or not through the ration card system.

The central government has launched a program to digitize every government procedure is the digital India Program. Under this significant program, the government digitizes many schemes and many services through launching many schemes.

Now, India’s government is going to launch the mission named one nation, one ration card scheme. In this scheme, the person can get the grain from the fair price shop at any place in India.

About West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021:

If the person wants to get the grain from the fair price shop, they have to visit the fair price shop and show some documents and identity proof for the verification, and after that, the person will able to get the grain at a minimum price from the government.

Recently, the state government of West Bengal has arranged the coupon facilities for those people who do not have the digital ration card. On the fair price shop, the person will get 1 kg of wheat at Rs.3 and 1 kg of rice at Rs.3. This is the lowest price of grain. At this price, the poor people can get grain from the fair price shop.

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During this CORONA crisis, the government has done good work for the citizen of the state. With this scheme’s help, the government will distribute the food grain to the person below the poverty line. To get the food grain from the fair price shop, the person should have to digital ration card with them.

The government has set the situation that the persona should not carry the ration card to the fair price shop. They just have to thumb verification at the shop and get the food grain easily from the shop. With this situation, the role of the middle man will remove. The poor people will effectively get the services of government schemes.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme:

The person only gets the advantage of the scheme if they follow the eligibility criteria of the scheme. As this is a government scheme and every government scheme has eligibility criteria. All the applicants must fit into the scheme’s eligibility criteria to get the advantage of the scheme.

  • The beneficiaries should be the permanent residence of the West Bengal state.
  • If the person’s ration card is expired, they can only apply for the digital ration card.
  • If any person does not have the normal ration card, they can not apply for the digital ration card. That means to get the digital ration card; you should have the normal ration card before.
  • There are many newlyweds couples in the state. They can apply for the digital ration card.

Documents Required for the scheme:

The government will seek some documents of the person for verification purposes. If the government is providing food grain to the person at a nominal price, they must seek the person’s accurate documents.

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The government has verified that the document s valid or not. So all the applicants should show their original and valid documents to the government so that you can get the food grain from the fair price shop. The list of the document is given below:

  • Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  • Permanent Mobile number of the person
  • PAN card information of the candidates
  • Email id
  • Old ration card details
  • Anyone identity proof.


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