Vizio Offers 30 New Free Internet TV Channels on Its Televisions


Vizio updates its SmartCast platform to now offer 30 free channels and extend the content it already had available on its televisions.


Vizio announced on April 7 the arrival of 30 new television channels to its SmartCast Home system to offer new Internet television content for free.

The channels are live 24 hours a day to bring news, entertainment, sports, comedy and much more.

Some of the new channels include USA Today, TMZ, Food52 and Fubo Sports Network. Additionally, Vizio also recently launched Choppertown as an exclusive channel for their platform.

These channels begin to be available from today and are available in the “Free Channels” or “Free Channels” section on the SmartCast Home platform.

The 30 channels arrive to complement also the other Internet content that Vizio offers through apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, CBS All Access, YouTube TV and NFC, among others.

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