The best apps to organize tasks and be more productive in 2020


There are many applications for taking notes and being productive, although one of them is what we consider the best at the moment.

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Something that surely we all agree on is that we want to get the best and maximum benefit from our day. So it is possible that these applications to improve your notes can help you organize better.

Here are the five best apps for taking notes, getting organized and being more productive in 2020 and that work on Android and iOS, and some are even cross-platform.

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Applications to better organize yourself


Remember The Milk

In position five we have Remember The Milk, a very popular homework app that can be ideal to share with the family or just for your day to day.

The design is not very attractive, and its operation is the basic of a task application without major attributes. You can add to-do lists and it is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, PC and other devices such as Apple Watch, although it has a very important disadvantage, and that is that it is no longer compatible with Google Calendar, although it is compatible with Calendar from Apple.

It can connect with apps like Evernote and you can also convert Gmail emails into tasks with ease and allows you to attach local files to tasks.

It has a pro version that adds advanced features and the ability to connect Drive or Dropbox, as well as different types of notifications and widgets for $ 39.99 a year.


Todoist is a simple app for taking personal or group notes.



In position number four we have Todoist. This is a popular application that is available for iOS, Android and also for computers.

I have used it for a while and in its free version it is a simple app that gives you some functions such as scheduling tasks on a suggested date, sharing tasks with friends and creating projects.

One of its weaknesses is that to be able to access integrations with other platforms such as Google Calendar, you have to do it from the Web. The integrations do not allow to be modified from a mobile device, which is a disadvantage and you cannot add attachments.

Something I liked is that it is compatible with Gmail, so you can easily convert emails into tasks.

The pro version costs $ 3 a month and offers unlimited reminders, templates, color labels, filters, and themes. This is the simplest notes app on the list.


TickTick has a very clean view of tasks and also adds the knob function as an attribute.



In the third position I have to tell you about TickTick, which is a very good tool to keep not only a list of your pending tasks, but also of habits that you want to achieve every day.

TickTick is compatible with Android and iOS, Mac Windows and Apple Watch. You can connect all your calendars in a simple way and create to-do lists that will be shown in your main tray.

You have two aspects that make it stand out from other apps: Add the knob function, which allows you to organize tasks by time intervals and a habit monitor, so that you drink more water every day, or do exercises, and mark it in some place.

The premium version costs $ 27.99 a year and adds more features to the calendar, progress tracking and even white noise to focus on doing your homework.

ClickUp offers a more professional display, although it can also be used only to place tasks.



In the second position we have ClickUp, which although it can be used only as an app for your tasks, its concept is greater, since you can configure the application even to organize projects, write documents and organize your calendar.

ClickUp has integrations with a lot of applications, since its idea is to be able to become the only one you need to cover all your needs.

The free version only lets us use the list view to set tasks and goals, although it has several paid versions that allow you to access more utilities, such as writing and saving all your documents, spreadsheets and connecting with storage services. on the cloud.

ClickUp is free, although it has a paid version whose price can vary but can be around US $ 5 per user per month.


Omnifocus is a very complete app although it only works on devices in the Apple ecosystem.

Caesar Salza

Omnifocus o Asana

In the first position, my heart is divided. On the one hand, we have Omnifocus, which is a paid-only app that allows task management and project management, although its level is somewhat professional and is only available for Apple devices.

That is why Omnifocus cannot be in the first position and instead I want to introduce Asana to you.


Asana is a very complete app that in its free version lets you organize your tasks.


Asana is an application that, in its free format, allows you to organize tasks, set reminders, see different views and collaborate with up to 15 people.

It is compatible with Calendar, Gmail and many other apps and you can indicate the status of a task to know what stage you are in.

Of course there are also paid versions starting at $ 11 a month that include advanced features for managing larger projects.

This Top 5 we have organized taking into consideration the integrations of each application with the ecosystem of the most popular apps, their usefulness and relevant functions that can be useful for basic users and more expert users.

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