Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat 2021 Registration Process

Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat 2021 | Suryashakti Kisan Yojana Gujarat 2021 | Registration Process

The government of Gujarat is planning to launch the scheme named Surya Shakti Kishan Yojana for the farmers of the state. Through this scheme, the government will provide electricity to the farmers.

However, The name of Gujarat is at the top is the most installed solar plants. The most significant number of solar rooftop system is installed in the Gujarat state in all over the country.

Gujarat is doing the best in the field of clean energy. However, the solar panel is produced by clean energy. The rays of the sun are touched on the solar panel. In the panel, the electricity is produced due to photo rays.

The government is planning to make the solar panel in India only. To this date, we are importing the solar panel from another country. The planning to make the solar panel in India is part of make in India’s mission of the central government.

About Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana 2021:

Vijay Rupani, the chief minister of Gujarat, has launched this scheme. On the announcement of the scheme, the Chief Minister says that this scheme will help the farmers of the state. This scheme will give a financial subsidy to the farmer in installing the solar panel on their farm.

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The chief minister says that this scheme will lead the state towards clean energy. With the use of this Surya Sakti scheme, the government has set the target to generate 175MW electricity. That means the government will produce about 175MW clean energy with the help of solar panel installing.

This scheme will also encourage the farmers of the state to install the solar panel on their farm as well as ad their home. Due to this scheme, the farmer does not have to pay the electricity bills of consumption.

On the farm, the farmer is using a considerable amount of electricity for agriculture activities. However, the farmers who want to take advantage and subsidy from the government through this scheme can apply on the Surya Sakti official website of the scheme.

The objective of the scheme:

  • The government has targeted to solve the power problems in Gujarat, and this scheme will solve the problem permanently for the farmers.
  • The government of Gujarat has allocated almost Rs.870 crore rupees for this scheme. That is a huge amount of the budget. The government will give adequate effort toward clean energy.
  • Under this scheme, the government has announced that the farmer will get the subsidy on installing solar panels. The state government and central government will bear the 60% amount of the solar panel. The farmer has to pay the 30% amount of the solar panel.
  • After installing the solar panel, the farmer will get the unstoppable electricity in 12 hours of a day.
  • This scheme is for the farmers who are consuming the electricity of the distribution power companies of Gujarat.
  • This scheme will help in saving electricity. The fare can use electricity.
  • With the use of this scheme, the government can reduce the pollution that is produced by electricity produce companies.
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Process of registration in the scheme:

  • To get the subsidy through this scheme, the farmers have to register on the site of Surya Sakti Kisan yojana. The link to the Surya Sakti Kisan Yojana is
  • When you click on the site link=, then the application form will open on your screen. This application form is for the scheme Surya Sakti Kisan yojana.
  • The farmer has to fill the registration form of the scheme. The farmer has to give the right and accurate information in the registration form.
  • After completing the registration form filling process, the farmer has to upload this form on the website.
  • The farmer can also keep a copy of the form for future needs.