Shala Darpan Rajasthan: Login and registration portal, ShalaDarpan

Shala Darpan Rajasthan: Log in and registration the portal, ShalaDarpan

Shala Darpan is one type of Portal that is launched by the Rajasthan government. The government has launched this portal to let know the situation and development of the government school or government-aided school students to their parents.

The Rajasthan government thought to launch this portal so that they can report the parents about their children. The government school is established by the government of Rajasthan only.

It will be essential for all the parents to know about the educational record of their children. Parents want their kids to study better but in order to do that, parents will have to monitor the progress of the kids. That is the reason why the state government of Rajasthan is will be launching the online portal. So that all the parents can be able to get their child’s progress report online.

The Rajasthan government school is established because in this school, the government will educate each and every student of the school equally, and they do not have to pay the fees.

The students with low-income family backgrounds can admit to this school to get free and quality education for their life. In this article, we will share with you about the Rajasthan government portal name Shala Darpan for the students’ parents.

Rajasthan government Shala Darpan Portal:

Ministry of Human resources department of Rajasthan government has made this portal for the parent of the student whose children are studying in the government school or government-aided school. The education department of Rajasthan, students of the school, parent of the school, teachers of the school all can make use of the portal.

If any person wants to make use of this portal, then they can download this portal on their mobile-only. The person can get information about the education department of Rajasthan and government school information on this porta.

So if any person wants to know about the government school of Rajasthan or any information related to the education department of Rajasthan, then he/she can visit the portal.

The objective of the Shala Darpan Portal:

On this portal, the government will make available information about the government school in Rajasthan state. The person can take the information for their study purposes. They can get the total number of school that is established by the government of Rajasthan.

The person can also know on the portal about the teaching staff of the government school. If any parents want to send their children to a government school, then they can check the availability of the teachers on this portal.

With the launching of this portal, the main aim of the government is to make available information about the children’s education in the online mode so that the person does not have to visit the government school physically.

However, due to the CORONA pandemic, the government has announced the lockdown situation in the school. Yet, the government has open any school. However, all other stuff and work of the government officials are now in working condition.

The government has launched this portal so that the person can get information about government schools, teachers’ availability, etc. information.

Services available on the Shala Darpan Portal:

  • The person can search the name of the government school of Rajasthan state.
  • The parents can see the reports of the school.
  • If any parent/ children are studying in a government school, then they can see their children’s report on the portal
  • The parents of the student can also get information about the staff of the school
  • If the government has announced any scheme for the government school students, then the information is available on this portal
  • The process of decoration is also available
  • The person can know the school’s NICSD ID
  • In the portal, the staff login process is available
  • The transfer schedule is also available on the portal

Benefits of the Shala Darpan Portal:

  • All the citizens of the Rajasthan state can take the benefits of this portal for their better education of children.
  • the information related to education is available on this portal
  • All the database of the education department is accessible on this portal
  • The process of getting information on the portal is straightforward and less time-consuming.