Put Your Bets on CompTIA A+ Certification for Successful Career as Service Desk Analyst

Put Your Bets on CompTIA A+ Certification for Successful Career as Service Desk Analyst

Are you a fresh graduate and you don’t know what to do to advance in your career? Do you dream of earning a good salary and work in an international company?

While there is no secret recipe to achieve these goals, there are some steps that you can take to increase your chances to come closer to your dreams. One of the most beneficial investments that you can make to develop your career is adding the CompTIA A+ certification to your resume.

This credential shows any international recruiter that you are a reliable candidate. By earning this accreditation, you can demonstrate that you can perform entry-level IT-related jobs with success and minimum supervision. Also, this CompTIA badge is considered a big plus when you want to get hired as a service desk analyst. So, if you want to become independent and create a solid foundation for a successful career in IT, you must start pursuing the A+ immediately.

This article focuses on telling you more about the activities of a service desk analyst and the annual payment that you can earn. As the CompTIA A+ badge can bring you additional bonuses and a higher base salary, we will also tell you what skills you need to develop to obtain the passing score in its related exams.

What Are the Duties of a Service Desk Analyst?

Are you curious to find more about the daily tasks that service desk analysts have? You will be in charge of troubleshooting any software-related issues and offer support to end-users. Also, you will provide flawless customer support and resolve the problems fast and with maximum proficiency visit certbolt.com.

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As you will handle sensitive data, you will also have to respect privacy guidelines and comply with the company’s operating procedures. Whenever you receive a support request, you should also follow-up with your internal clients to check whether they are satisfied with the provided solution.

Apart from having excellent technical skills, service desks analysts should also know how to work in teams and have good communication skills. You will work in an office environment and you should be skillful when working with other colleagues and provide answers to any online and offline inquiries.

To summarize, some of the most important tasks that a service desk analyst has are the following:

  • Providing an immediate answer to inquiries and find solutions to software-related issues;
  • Following-up with internal stakeholders and put efforts to offer the highest level of professionalism;
  • Identifying trends and patterns in incident management and prepare reports for top management;
  • Collecting the necessary information from users and come with improvement ideas for the most frequent problems.

Now that you know what you might do if you get hired as a service desk analyst, it is time to know more about the annual payment for such specialists.

Annual Payment for a Service Desk Analyst

If you take a look at A Plus Practice Test, you will discover that the average annual payment that a service desk analyst can get is $47,906. The interval ranges from $35k for an entry-level graduate to $64k for a specialist who adds the CompTIA A+ credential to his/her resume. If you pay attention to this benchmark, you can quickly conclude that you can win double than the average service desk analyst if you study hard to get your A+ accreditation.

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When it comes to the companies interested in hiring a skilled service desk analyst, you can send your resume to such organizations as Geisinger Health Systems, Kaiser Permanente, or TEKsystems, Inc. They pay the highest salaries at this moment. So, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to become an A+ certified service desk analyst.

What Are the Skills that CompTIA A+ Certified Specialists Can Get?

The CompTIA A+ certification is obtained by those candidates who show that they have the necessary skills to support security and cloud technologies. This accreditation represents the standard for many specialists who want to launch a successful career in IT. This credential is trusted by employers around the world. Successful candidates will gain profound skills during the preparation to obtain their A+ accreditation and will be able to:

  • offer basic support in IT infrastructure and networking;
  • offer support and configure mobile hardware;
  • configure and troubleshoot a device’s operating system;
  • troubleshoot core services and deal with change management and scripting.

Now that you know what skills you get once you have passed the necessary exams for the CompTIA A+ certification, you will discover more about these assessments you must go through.

Steps to Follow to Become CompTIA A+ Certified

The A+ certification can be obtained by any candidate who passed exams 220-1001 and 220-1002 by code. Each of these tests is unique and evaluates different skills that exam-takers should possess. The first exam will test your knowledge of networking technology, cloud computing, virtualization, and network troubleshooting. The second assessment takes your skills to the next level. Thus, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of operating systems, operational procedures, software troubleshooting, and configuration.

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When it comes to the structure of these two tests, they are quite similar. Each of them includes 90 questions of performance-based, drag and drop, and multiple choice formats. You will have only 90 minutes to solve all items so you should be very confident in your knowledge level and answer each question in one minute. The maximum score that you can get in these exams is 900 points, however, the passing score in 220-1001 assessment is 675 points, while for 220-1002 test it is 700 points. Finally, the registration fee is $226 for each exam.


If you are determined to get a well-paid job as a service desk analyst, then you shouldn’t think twice but add the CompTIA A+ credential to your resume. Even though the two exams that you need to take are quite challenging, the added value that this accreditation brings makes them worth the effort. All you have to do is follow the vendor’s guidelines and study hard to achieve this badge.