Netflix’s Upcoming Rom-Com “Irish Wish” to Cast Lindsay Lohan in Lead Role

Netflix’s Upcoming Rom-Com “Irish Wish” to Cast Lindsay Lohan in Lead Role

Fans of Lindsay Lohan are soon going to see their favorite actress playing an amazing role in Netflix’s upcoming rom-com. The film is Irish Wish and has so many popular cast members playing exciting roles in an unexpected storyline. 

Irish Wish Storyline

Fans are going to get a different kind of unique plot in this movie, something that might not have heard before this. There are going to be some amazing fantasy-coming–true scenes in the story of the Irish Wish. The official storyline of the movie is very interesting. So imagine that getting out in the form of a film, how exciting!

The story follows the life of Maddie, played by Lindsay Lohan whose “love” is getting married. But he is not getting married to Maddie. Her best friend is the one who’s getting with the “love of her life.” Then Maddie makes a wish – Irish Wish, to find true love and guess what happens. The next day she wakes up as the Bride-to-be and there it is! The unexpected has happened. But wait, that is not all. She soon finds out whom she is going to marry, and that is not what she thought! 

Additional Cast Members

Lindsay Lohan plays the lead role, there are many other popular actors who are in the lead role along with her. You might find some of your favorite actors playing various roles in the upcoming movie from Netflix. The online platform is quite popular for making such amazing movies as well as series. 

There will be Ed Speleers from Outlander, Alexander Vlahos also from Outlander along with Elizabeth Tan from Emily in Paris. We will also see Jane Seymour from Wedding Crashers with Ayesha Curry from A Black Lady Sketch Show and About Last Night. 

Makers of Irish Wish

Janeen Damian will be directing the upcoming film and the screenplay is written by Kristen Hansen. Michael Damian and Brad Krevoy are the producers of the Irish Wish. Netflix announced the film recently and now fans are eager to see their favorite stars in the film. The film is expected to be released by 2023 on Netflix. There were so many rumors about the film and now finally fans are getting confirmed news about the romantic comedy movie from Netflix.