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Moviemad isaimini – Bollywood & Hollywood Movie Download Website

Moviemad 2021, founded in 1931 in the USA, is a piracy website for downloading Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil & English movies. Unlike other pirated movie sites, the unique feature of Moviemad is that it does not contain any virus or bug which might damage the android phone or laptop.

With reference to user reviews, the visual & audio quality of the movies downloaded from this website is better than other sites.

Moviemad 2020
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Moviemad in India

Research in 2018, revealed that India is the fastest-growing movie market with thousands of films being produced in a year in varied languages across the country.

Along with this, the availability of cheap data packs & smartphones along with the availability of pirated websites like Moviemad has created the largest user base of downloading pirated movies in India. Moviemad has already pirated 6 movies launched this year in just 3 months namely Darbar, Tanhaji, Chhapaak, Jai Mummy Di & Ghost stories.

We are sure that all of you will be knowing about so many other movies that you can download from the Moviesmad website. There is a huge collection of movies and web shows along with tv shows that you can find on the website. That is one of the reasons why the Moviesmad website is popular among the youth and young adults.

There will not be anything that you will find difficult when you are navigating through the website. Because almost everything can be easily done. Yes, from downloading a movie to searching for a specific tv show, the user can do whatever they need to within a few seconds.

Movie Piracy Impact On Revenue

Movie piracy is a threat to the film industry and most importantly to the independent filmmaker who depends on local distributors to raise funds for the movie. The average loss per year to the Indian film industry amounts to 18000 crore revenue and also to the loss of approximately 60,000 jobs. A worldwide loss due to movie piracy, as per research in 2005 showed to be 18.2 billion.

As you all know, there are so many illegal or pirated websites that are currently offering people a platform where the latest and recently released movies or tv shows can be downloaded easily. But you all should remember that it takes the hard work of all the crew members, cast, producers, and showrunners, among others to create any entertainment content to entertain the audience.

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We are sure that you are not going to have any kind of problem at all if you are going to use legitimate websites to download hundreds of movies or tv shows. But when you are going to access or visit illegal or pirated websites, there will definitely be a constant risk for users. That is the only reason why we are recommending you should try to avoid using or accessing such illegal or pirated websites that are risky.

Covid-19 Impact On Increase In Movie Piracy

Movie piracy has rapidly increased in the past 2 months, with most countries having announced a lockdown and a strict quarantine period where people are shut in their homes to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

It is sure that when you have so much time to spare for each and every day then you will surely think of watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Now, you should know that all the theatres are closed. So there is no chance of people getting out to watch a movie. So they will just find a way to download any movie or tv show they love to stream online.

The lockdown has increased the urge and the need for home entertainment, thus diverting the minds of people to television and movies on mobile or laptop. Recent research has revealed an increase of 56.9% of movie piracy compared to the past in this present scenario.

There is a large number of people who are currently using illegal or pirated websites. They are only using it to download entertainment content for free. Such as movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries, live shows, music, games, etc. It is sure that the illegal websites are providing the users with whatever they seek.

Government’s Action to Control Movie Piracy

The government has introduced Cinematograph Amendment Bill in 2019 to put checks on movie piracy. The bill clearly mentions that film piracy is illegal and is a punishable offense.

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Further, the government has also amended the Cinematograph Act of 1952, which does prohibit unauthorized recording without the permission of the author. Also, the amendment has mentioned that, if someone is found doing the same, he or she would have to pay a fine which may vary up to 10 lakhs, and also this offense might lead to imprisonment.

However, in spite of the above bills and amendment acts made by the government of India, film piracy still continues. Also, the maximum fine limit being 10 lakhs to punish pirates is insignificant, keeping in mind the profits they do make from such pirated websites. Thus, these loopholes need to be flagged off to control the usage of such pirated websites.

What are the special features of moviemadsite?

As you all know, there are so many things that you need to consider before you should visit or access the Moviesmad website. There is not a thing that you will have to worry about when you are going to navigate through the website.

The special features of the website are what make it popular and helpful among all the interested users. Whether you need to watch your favorite movies or if you want to get any web series, the Moviesmad website can help you get it. Let us now have a look at the special features.

  • This website is popular and trending when it comes to downloading your favorite movies and tv shows.
  • Apart from downloading, online streaming, the website is also available. Therefore, the user does not have to waste storage of their device to watch their favorite content.
  • For different countries, the catalog of contents is different. And because of this, this website is popular outside India as well.
  • And this website also includes different languages if you want to watch the same movie in your own favorite language.
  • A large number of movies, tv shows and series, etc makes it one of the most popular pirated websites. Every genre is available on this website like horror, romance, comedy, and action, etc.