Meet Braulio, the dinosaur, who calls for the reopening of his museum

The Natural History Museum and Conservation Center in Saltillo, Coahuila, in northern Mexico, is preparing for the reopening and its pet, the dinosaur Braulio, too. And what better way than to do it to the rhythm of Maniac, by Michael Sembello?

The institution, opened on November 25, 1999, was closed due to Covid-19. However, on his Twitter account it was announced that Braulio was already cleaning and preparing everything to receive visitors again.

“During this contingency, Braulio decided to get down to business and help us prepare the museum for your visit. Thank you Braulio! 🦖😍 #NosVemosPronto,” says the museum’s message posted on June 8.

Several Twitter users applauded the initiative of Braulio, who dances to the eighties rhythm of the song that made Sembello famous and is part of the movie’s soundtrack. Flashdance.


The followers of the museum expressed their love for the initiative.

Screenshot by Jován Pulgarín / CNET

Apparently, Braulio is very friendly and has contacted pets from other institutions that are also preparing to reopen, such as the Zig Zag bee, from the Zigzag Interactive Center, a space that brings science and technology closer to its visitors by exhibitions and participatory activities.

Reopening in Mexico

The Natural History Museum and Conservation Center is defined as a space that seeks to promote an ecological culture, showing, in an interactive way, the richness of life and the evolution of species through time.

The project was conceived in the late 1990s, when important discoveries of geology, anthropology, paleontology and biology began to be made in the region. Now, he hopes to receive visitors again thanks to the reduction of some measures in Mexico during the pandemic.

On June 4, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico published the Basic Guide for the Reopening of Cultural Spaces, according to the “new normal” policies promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after confinement due to the COVID pandemic- 19 in the country.

Therefore, museums are preparing to return to action, as Braulio demonstrates.

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