HTC prepares the announcement of a new phone for June 16

HTC is preparing an announcement for June 16 and a mid-range phone with three or four cameras and a front integrated in the screen is expected.


HTC will announce a new phone on June 16.

The Taiwanese company posted a notice on several social networks about the event where an inconspicuous phone is seen, surely to keep the secret until its announcement. However, according to Android Police, the phone to be presented will be the HTC Desire 20 Pro.

HTC launched the Desire 12 series in 2018, and in 2019 made the jump to the Desire 19. According to leaks, the new phone for this year will be called Desire 20 Pro. Android Police modified the image of the HTC announcement to see a little of the details of the Desire 20 and discovered that the phone would have an integrated front camera on the screen, four cameras on the back or three and a sensor that could be ToF for measurement of blur effect.

Although HTC wants to keep the phone a secret, it is practically impossible to keep all the details hidden in the shadows. Leaks about this phone suggest that it will have a similar design to the OnePlus 8 mixed with the Xiaomi Mi 10; It will run Android 10, it will have 6GB of RAM, its processor will be the Snapdragon 665 and the screen will be 1080p.

HTC has lost relevance in the global phone market, despite having been a relevant player during the smartphone boom since 2007. The company no longer advertises high-end phones and has focused on sporadic launches of mid-range and high-end phones. low.

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