House of The Dragon: House Lannister Storyline Getting Stronger and Fans are Excited!

House of The Dragon: House Lannister Storyline Getting Stronger and Fans are Excited!

House of The Dragon Episode 3 has already been released and fans from across the world are going totally crazy. The new show has so many old and new character introductions, making fans wonder about their further storylines. 

House of The Dragon happens to be the very first Game of Thrones spinoff series. It is also produced by HBO and is also by the same author George R.R.Martin. Coming back to the story, it goes back up to 200 years before the Game of Thrones era. As of now, 3 episodes of House of Dragon have been popularly seen by the fans who are very happy with the storyline. 

Everyone is eager to know more about the further storyline, shifting relationships, and trust between various characters. Along with that, new characters are also being added to the show with the release of each episode. It will be quite exciting to see how the civil war named Dance of the Dragons goes with the current storyline.

Amongst the most famous houses of the show include, the main House Targaryens, on which the storyline revolves. Along with them, new houses are being introduced with each new episode release and now everyone’s eyes sights are focused on the very popular and controversial House Lannister. Do you remember Jamie and Cersei, and of course Tyrian Lannister from the world-famous Game of Thrones? Well, this is the same House Lannister. 

Game of Thrones and House Lannister:

If you are a GoT Fan, you must already know about the basic storyline and how it revolved around Houses Lannister, Stark, Velaryons, Hightowers, and a few more. Yes, this is the same House Lannister that gave us twins Jamie and Cersei. Also after a few seasons, we get to know Tyrian becoming the Hand of the Queen and getting all the limelight he deserved. 

After King Robert was dead, accidentally, somehow House Lannister was the one ruling on the throne. That is how we got to know how strong House Lannister was becoming! And in the end, as we are all aware, Cersei was the one who appointed herself as the Queen and become the Queen of Seven Kingdoms – the most powerful position across all the continents. 

House of Dragons and House Lannister:

The storyline of this latest series is mainly about the Targaryens, who happen to be the original rulers of the throne. They ruled for centuries and then, we all know what happened in the Game of Thrones. Everyone is quite excited to know more about the House Lannister and its members.

As everyone is aware, in order to be powerful one needs to be very rich, and only after that, endless power can be shown off. House Lannister knew this since the very beginning and that’s how they started to do it. First, obtain the money, and then comes the power. And of course, after being in a wealthy and powerful house, women are going to fall in line to wed any member of the house, even idiots. 

After being such a powerful house, they go on to marry women from well-known and powerful families such as Targaryen. House Targaryen has been ruling the iron throne for centuries and has a quite successful run of many kings. So marrying, let’s say, Rhanerya would be of great interest for Jason Lannister – the latest Lannister introduced in the House of The Dragon Episode 3, along with his twin brother. 

Currently, we got to know about two characters, which are “Lannisters” are the Twins viz. Jason Lannister and Tyland Lannister are played by Jefferson Hall. As of now, both of these are quite smaller roles but, you never know! The future is full of possibilities!

House Lannister and Politics

We have seen that each member of the House Lannister from Game of Thrones was somehow into politics. Not just that, but they were very good at planning, plotting, and manipulating people, and even houses. With such great manipulating skills and everything at hand, they are sure to gain support from multiple houses. 

It was the Game of Thrones era, whereas now we are seeing House of The Dragon and even in that, we are starting to see the political resemblance that Lannister Twins have. Especially Jason Lannister, who proposes to marry Raenarya Targaryen – who happens to be the future queen of the seven kingdoms. So, it is crystal clear that he is looking forward to having the House Targaryen alliance and their support.

This is how it all starts with a Lannister, and we are well aware of that from Cersei, her father, and of course the Hand of The Queen – Tyrion. Jamie was not all into such politics, but still – there were some times when he was in the Kingsguard and used his high position to execute his duties through political maneuvers. Their Lannister ancestors, starting from House of The Dragon’s Jason Lannister have already started to look into his political gain if he marries Rhaenyra. 

Jason Lannister and Rhaenyra Targaryen

The House of The Dragon Episode 3 was the highlight of these scenes where Jason Lannister tried to get the future queen of seven kingdoms to be his future “lady wife.” He took the proposal to the King himself along with a deadly yet finely crafted spear. But that conversation didn’t go well, as planned.

So later onwards he got a chance to talk to the princess herself and grabbed the opportunity to discuss his “proposal.” He offered her the “finest honeyed wine” and while talking over normal things, he casually mentioned that his home/ fort doesn’t have a dragon pit, but he will surely build one for his “queen or lady wife.” 

Upon hearing these magical words, Rhaenyra stormed away from himself and went directly to his father, the King. And we all saw how well that conversation went. She was obviously not so happy about this proposal from someone whom she described as self-serious and arrogant. As a result, this marriage is now out of option and that did not make Jason happy. 

A Lannister Always Pays Debts!

As far as Lannisters are there when they want to achieve something, we all are aware of how far and wide they can go. Take Cersei and Jamie for example, how they, well Jamie pushed Bran from the tower which resulted in him being crippled for life. Just like his descendants, Jason and his twin brother are also on their way to making their mark in the seven kingdom’s history. 

The House of The Dragon is said to be the “Beginning of the end of Targaryen Rule” and this is the time when major incidents started to happen. Game of Thrones also showed many shocking events such as House Targaryen losing their grip over the Iron Throne, House Lannister somehow getting the throne and the rest is history.

House of The Dragon Episode 4

With the House Lannister storyline of House of The Dragon getting stronger – it will be very interesting to see how Targaryen rule comes to its tragic end. Also, who gets to rule over the most important seat of the seven kingdoms will also be something to look out for. Let’s wait for upcoming episodes and see how the Lannisters are fitting into the story and what happens with the future queen, or if there is going to be the first ever Queen to sit over the Iron Throne. Fingers Crossed!