Horror Film “Devil’s Workshop” to Star Radha Mitchell and Emile Hirsch in Lead Roles

Horror Film “Devil’s Workshop” to Star Radha Mitchell and Emile Hirsch in Lead Roles

Upcoming Lionsgate horror film to star popular actors in lead roles. The Devil’s Workshop will have Radha Mitchell and Emile Hirsch in the leading roles playing mysterious characters. The film will be released soon by the end of September 2022. 

Radha Mitchell and Emile Hirsch

Mitchell will be playing the role of Eliza who happens to be the expert in devil lore. She helps him to prepare and in order to do that there was some kind of sacrifice of a goat. Not just that, there are going to be some kind of satanic cult rituals too. Doesn’t it already sound like a horrible yet interesting thriller film? 

Emile will be playing Clayton who is a struggling actor and is desperate to get the role of demonologist. In order to get it right, he seeks assistance from Eliza played by Radha Mitchell. And then everything happens. It will be captivating to see what Eliza actually does- help him or something else! For that, you need to watch the upcoming film and get to know more about it. 

Additional Cast Members

We will also get to see Timothy Granaderos from Runaways and 13 Reasons why in the film. The film is being directed as well as written by Chris Von Hoffmann. The producers’ team includes Lou Paik, Kevin Weisberg, Kurt Van Fossen, Geno Taziolo, Philip B. Goldfine, DJ Dodd, Zack Weiner, Joe Gallagher, and more. Executive producers are Stan Wertlieb, Barry Brooker, Binh Dang, Dale Winsor Tanguay, Rob Simmons, and Ryan D. Adams. 

A Psychological Horror

The movie Devil’s Workshop is a psychological horror and contains so many terrific scenes containing rituals and more. Fans who enjoy horror movies are surely going to love this one. Also, the storyline has interesting twists and turns as two people meet and the one person doesn’t know what the other is up to – definitely going to be worth it.

Devil’s Workshop Release Date

Fans who are waiting for the Devil’s Workshop release can enjoy the trailer for now. As there are a few more days until the film’s release, watch the trailer right away. The Devil’s Workshop will release on 30 September 2022.