Anupama disappeared from a picnic spot!

Anupama disappeared from a picnic spot! Ba made this false excuse

Anupama Upcoming Episode:

The show Anupama made it to the top of the TRP list yet again and left all the other shows in its wake on the list. A lot of people like the track of the show because Anupama and Vanraj go out on a picnic together by bike.

During this, both of them laugh a lot because they remember the good old days. This is where Kavya gets very angry at Vanraj because he chose not to answer his phone.

In the episodes to come, viewers will get to see Anupama and Vanraj arrive at the picnic spot. He is instructed by Vanraj to stop there and go park the bike.

He gets upset at the sight of Anupama when he returns (due to which he gets upset) and Ba makes up stories as to why they cannot have a picnic.

Kavya has been preparing for her marriage and Vanraj has been required to go out on a picnic with Anupama. Anupama’s dancing once Vanraj is done searching for her and he keeps staring at her.

When Vanraj discovers Anupama doing this, he just keeps gazing after her. There is a large stone that comes under Anupama’s foot, which he gently pulls out.

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