Helllo Jee Web Series Download Leaked by Illegal Moviesflix Tamilrockers

Helllo Jee

Helllo Jee Web Series Download Leaked by Illegal Moviesflix Tamilrockers

The web series Helllo Jee received a very positive response from the audience. Most people gave 10 out of 10 to this series.

If we consider the average review of this series, we can say that the web series Helllo Jee is worth watching according to the audience who gave positive reviews.

On IMDB, the web series Helllo Jee has rated 8.1 out of 10. There are more than 1200 reviews on IMDB, and most of them are positive ones. Most web series of ALT Balaji received a positive and valuable rating on IMDB.

Helllo Jee Web Series Download Leaked Tamilrockers

Because of the demand for the web series Helllo Jee, the illegal piracy website Moviesflix has leaked the web series, Helllo Jee. It seems like they have kept an eye for the release of Helllo Jee, and it leaked.

It was available just a few hours after the release on the illegal piracy website Moviesflix for free. Generally, when the movie or web series leaks, it affects the movie’s revenue or web series.

It also affects the reputation of the content and its creators. But there are lots of illegal piracy or torrent websites on the internet that can not stop easily by the authority.

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Even the number of illegal torrent websites are increasing daily especially Indian torrent website. It seems that the major illegal torrent or piracy websites are from India. Now, let’s discuss the information about ALT Balaji’s web series Helllo Jee.

The complete title of the web series Helllo Jee is Helllo Jee – Iss Route Ki Sabhi Linein Mast Hain. It is the full name of the web series Helllo Jee.

In the web series Helllo Jee, the lead roles are performed by four stars, including Nyra Banerjee, Kalyani Chaitanya, Akshaya Shetty, and Mishthi Tyagi.

These are the four stars that performed well in their respective roles in Helllo Jee. The whole story of Helllo Jee is dependent on the above-listed four stars. It also includes many stars in the series Helllo Jee. Let’s see the complete cast and characters of the web series Helllo Jee.

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Cast and Characters of the Web Series Helllo Jee:

The web series Helllo Jee includes a huge cast. It includes Nyra Banerjee as Angelina, Diwakar Dhyani as Ashok, Rahul Sharma as Bhushan, Nitin Rao as Chaman, Dipali Sharma as Lakhiya, Anil Kumar Saini as Lumsum, Kalyani Chaitanya as Malti, Rahul Verma as Paritosh, Kashish Rai as Prachi, Vaibhav Singh as Pulkit, Rahul Sharma as Raghav, and Mrinalini Tyagi as Saroj.

The other cast members of the web series Helllo Jee includes Akshaya Shetty as Sonal, Gagan Gupta as Saini, Dheerendra Gautam as Yash, Kunal Kishor as Manohar, Shailendra as Branch Manager, Mrinalini as Chachi, Sanjay Kumar as Passport Agent, Afzal Khan as Inspector, Indra Manskhani as Nani, Beena as Neighbour Lady, Susheel Verma as Old Employee, Bhawana Trehan as News Anchor, Simran Sharma as Sandhya, and Shalakha Pathak as Shashwat Mother.

So, it is the complete list of cast and characters of the web series Helllo Jee. The web series is available in the Hindi language only. There is no official update regarding the release in other language dubs such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, English, etc.

Helllo Jee is a romance and drama web series. It contains an incredible story. There is a total of ten episodes in Helllo Jee, and each episode’s length is 20-25 minutes.

The complete web series Helllo Jee’s running time is around 217 minutes. It was released on Zee5 and ALT Balaji. The user can watch it on both the app or on the official website.

Helllo Jee was completed under ALT Balaji Production. Shahnawaz Sabir Khan directed it with Associate Director Sumit Chawla.

Vishal Watwani and Renu Watwani wrote the story of the web series Helllo Jee. The series also includes comedy. We can say that the series contains romance with comedy and drama.

Satya Sharma edited the web series, Helllo Jee. Muskan Tomar, Sneha Bose, and Neha Kamtekar gave the music in the web series Helllo Jee. Paresh Shah gave the background music in the series.

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Also, there were two production houses involved in Helllo Jee, including Shourya Films and Suchi Films. Sanjay Bohat was the supervising producer of the series Helllo Jee.

There was two production head in Helllo Jee. It includes Pradeep Banerjee and Subhash Jadhav. The creative director was Baljeet Singh Chaddha. Inderpreet S Oberoi and Ashwarya Vats were the project head and executive producers of the web series Helllo Jee, respectively.

Kartikeya Dubey and Akansha Tehran were the creative heads of Helllo Jee, and the costume designers were Anuradha Khurana and Nidhi Khurana.

The story of the series Helllo Jee includes an adult talk. There is a phone date operator. Woman earns as they talk for a long time. The money varies with time. The concept includes a long talk and big money.

We will not mention the spoiler of the series Helllo Jee. To know more, the user will have to watch the web series on the OTT platform ALT Balaji. Find the trailer of the web series Helllo Jee below.

It is an adult series. So, the user will require more than 18 years of age to watch the series. Otherwise, you can not watch it. If you are less than 18 years of age, we suggest that you should not watch the series Helllo Jee or any adult series.

Helllo Jee includes erotic and romantic drama. You will see some fun and adult talk between girl and boy on the phone call in the series. The whole story is based on the phone call. There is a wonderful story in Helllo Jee.

In the series Helllo Jee, you will see female bonding more. It also includes Small town stories, Women supporting women, and some Challenging scenarios.

As we get any updates related to this series, we will update it here. If you want to know more about the latest updates and news, check out this website daily.

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