Grid connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme in Andhra Pradesh for Farmers

Grid-connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme in Andhra Pradesh for Farmers

It’s relaxing news for the farmers of the Andhra Pradesh state. The farmer will do not have to worry about the electricity on their farm. In the past, the problem of electricity is a significant problem for farmers.

The farmer will not get proper electricity during the day. The farmer will only get one hour to two hours’ electricity in a day. Due to this, the farmers can not do farming on their farms. The electricity will use in the irrigation pump of the farm. The farmer has to provide the water supply to the crop only during these two hours.

It will not be possible for the farmers to provide a sufficient amount of water to the crops and plants. Because they can only be able to give water when the electricity is available to them. The irrigation pump will work on electrical energy which is why the farmers will have to wait for the electricity availability.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is launching an all-new scheme in order to help farmers get enough electricity supply. So that they can improve their agricultural growth and thereby the growth of the state.

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Due to these problems, farmers can not do their work correctly. The ability of farmers is decreased. Due to the problem, agricultural produce is also reduced.

About Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump sets Scheme of Andhra Pradesh:

The Andhra Pradesh government launches this scheme to make a contribution to the agriculture sector of the state and clean energy. In addition to helping the farmers, this scheme will also help the state to reduce the pollution level of the scheme and according to nations and the world.

We often said that small thing makes big changes. The contribution of the Andhra Pradesh government will also affect the climate change situation of the world. As we know that the government is trying to reduce carbon emission, this scheme is one step towards the reduction of carbon emission.

With the help of this scheme, the Andhra Pradesh government will offer the farmers of the state a grid-connected solar pump. Every farmer needs an irrigation pump on their farm. With the help of an irrigation pump, the farmers supply the water to the crop of their farm. The farmer has to run their pump.

Till now, the farmers are using electric pumps. For the use of the electric pump, the farmers have to pay the bills of their farm. As the financial condition of the farmer is not good, and in between this, they have to pay a vast amount of electric bills from the pump. To solve this problem, the government provides a solar pump under this scheme.

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Benefits of the scheme:

Under this scheme, the government will offer the BLDC solar pump set to the farmers of the state. The BLDC solar pump sets will help in many ways to the farmers as well as state governments. With the use of the BLDC solar pump sets, the farmers will not have to pay the bills to the electric supply companies of the state.

However, the government will distribute 3HP to 5HP capacity of solar pumps to the farmers. The objective of the government is to make all the agriculture connection is solar-based. With the help of this scheme, the farmers will get constant electricity all over the day.

If the farmers want to supply the water to the farm, they can start the BLDC solar pump and do the same. At the starting stage of the scheme, the Andhra Pradesh government has started this project on pilot basis.

In the pilot bases, the government has installed almost 250 BLDC solar pump set in the Vizianagaram district. Now, the state government of Andhra Pradesh is going to apply this scheme all over the state.

What will the Andhra Pradesh government do with surplus energy?

With the help of BLDC solar pumps, the government will also get a surplus of energy. The solar panel of the pump has produced electricity in a considerable amount. The pump will not consume all the energy that is produced by the solar panel.

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The rest of the electricity will be injected into the main grid. The government will give the incentive to the farmers for the injection of energy into the main grid. The government will provide Rs.1.50/kWh to the farmers. The money that is issued by the government will be deposited into the bank account of the farmers.