Google offers Stadia Pro free for two months


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Staying isolated at home for many days can be difficult, and Google knows it. For this reason, Google will offer two months of free access to its video game platform for streaming Google Stadia Pro, and users who are already members of Stadia Pro will not have to pay the next two months.

Under the premise that video games are a way of socializing –– at a distance–– with friends and family, starting April 8 Google will be offering its Stadia Pro service for free in the 14 countries in which it is present, such as It is the United States, Canada and Spain.

People who subscribe to Google Stadia will get two months free and will be able to access nine video games, among which are titles like GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection and Thumper. In addition, users will also be able to buy other titles, which will remain stored in their library if they cancel their subscription to Stadia Pro in the future.

If you want to subscribe you will have to register on the website and download the Stadia app that is available on Android and iOS. Here we explain the detalles the Google Stadia, and the steps you have to follow to start playing.

Stadia can be played from a Pixel phone and other compatible cell phones, or on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet with Chrome OS. Plus, there’s no need for a Stadia remote, as you can also use a mouse and keyboard, or the Xbox, PlayStation, or other Stadia-compatible remote.

The Stadia Pro promotion will be available in the next 48 hours, so it is only a matter of time before it is visible on the Stadia website.

In a press release, Google indicated that to avoid saturating the network during the quarantine caused by COVID-19, the company is working on a temporary function that reduces the default resolution from 4K to 1080p. The company indicated that this change will not be noticed by the vast majority of people who play on a desktop or laptop, but if it happens, users can adjust the resolution in the Stadia app.

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