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EPF Balance – Check PF Balance Passbook Statement UAN in 2 Easy Steps EPF Balance – PF balance check with uan number:


This article will provide you the information related to EPS, What is EPF? What are its benefits? Why Should You Check PF Balance Regularly? How can you check the balance of your EPF through UAN? What are the other method7s to check for EPF balance? And how can you get the statement of your UAN?

What is EPF?

EPF i.e. Employee’s Provident Fund is a post-retirement saving and benefits scheme that is made available to all the salaried employees. The EPS is regulated and maintained by the EPFO, i.e., Employees Provident Fund Organization of India.  As per the Law of India, Any establishment or company or organization with 20 or more number of employees is required to enroll under the EPSO.

EPF is one kind of saving the plan for the salaried employees. Through EPS employees contribute a small fix part of their salary regularly every month.  The contribution also made by the individual employer or establishment.  Employee and employer both contribute 12% of the total of basic salary and dearness allowance and this amount goes into your EPS.  Let’s understand this division in detail.

The division of Provident Fund.

  • 12% of the employee’s salary goes to the provident fund.
  • 12% of the employer’s contribution further divided into following proportion
  • 01% of the contribution – EDLI Administration Charges
  • 1% of the contribution – EPF Administration Charges
  • 5% of the contribution – Employees Linked Deposit Insurance
  • 33% of the contribution – Employee’s Pension Scheme
  • 67% of the contribution – Employee’s Provident Fund

EPFO Guidelines related EPF

An employee whose monthly salary is IND 15000 or more is mandated to contribute 12% of his basic salary towards the EPF.

The minimum pension amount for the widow of provident fund member is placed INR 1000, for the orphan INR 250, for children INR 750, per month. In this case, the pension calculated as per the average salary of last 60 months and not last 12 months.

The initial insurance coverage of INR 3, 00,000 per one member required under the pension scheme.

The establishment or the employer who has minimum ten employees has to pay some percentage of the salary toward the fund.

Member can withdraw the fund through claim forms for various purposes by showing required documents and proof.

EPF Balance – PF balance check with uan number

EPF balance is your post-retirement corpus amount. Once the employee retired or unemployed, he/she can use this saving and secured their livelihood. They can also make a partial withdrawal of this fund when they need the fund for housing, education of their children, marriages, etc.

Member also gets compound interest at a fixed rate which computed by the Government and central board of trustee. This interest is paid on 1st April every year on the amount as the balance of EPF of the employee, and this interest is tax-free.

EPF balance checks online:

The nominee of the EPF member can access the corpus of the fund in case death of the member or retirement of the employee or any emergency like marriage, education, housing, major illness, etc. These rights of the nominee or member to withdraw the fund or transfer the fund are subject to certain limitations and conditions which must fulfill.

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EPF member can transfer the fund from one establishment to another in a case of change of current employment.

In the case of the early retirement or termination by the employer, the EPS does not get discriminated the employee’s saving is always safe and secured.

Why Should You Check PF Balance Regularly?

The member should keep a check on his/her PF account. This amount is precious retirement savings. This saving is going to be a member’s helping hand at testing times.  If a member wants financial help, he/she can get a loan against your EPF balance. Sometimes, the organization does not deposit PF participation intentionally. Without the employer’s contribution, your EPF corpus is not going to be rise. In a situation when the company shuts down it might be difficult to recover this amount.  So, it is important for EPF members to know his/her PF balance.

How can a member check its EPF balance online?

Before the EPFO portal launched, it was a complicated process for a member to check the EPF balance or to keep a record of his/her post-retirement corpus. Member has to wait for the annual slip or visit the regional PF office physically to check the current balance of his provident fund. EPFO has made this task very easy now EPS member can check as well as track his EPF online as and when required through EPSO portal or UAN portal.

There are many ways to check and track your EPS through EPSO as well as UAN postal service. Member can download E-passbook and can get details of his/her EPF account status through missed call and SMS service too. As well you can check my epfo balance here in this portal.

There are many ways/methods to check your EPF balance. Let’s discuss these methods in detail hereby.

  1. EPF Balance checks Online – check my epfo balance:

This process of PF balance check through online might be the oldest digital way to check the PF balance. This process has now become outmoded.  Still, you will find this method at the first listing in the Google search for ‘PF balance check.’

Member can check the EPF balance by providing PF membership details i.e. PF number of the member and the registered mobile number. Member needs to fill these both details at Know your PF balance page.  Member will get details of PF balance along with the details of employer’s contribution and pension amount individually.

  1. EPF Balance – PF balance check with uan number:

Through the UAN portal service now it is very easy and straightforward for EPF members to do provident fund related tasks online at his/her convenience. EPSO has allotted UAN to all the members of EPS. This number does not vary with the variation of the establishment, and it is your lifetime account number.

Through this UAN, the member can enjoy all the services by both the service portals EPFO as well as UAN. EPS balance inquiry. Balance update and balance statement are the most exceptional services by UAN portal.

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The member needs to activate his/her UAN registration. After the successful registration, the member gets the access to all the service by UAN e-SEWA portal. Member enjoys the benefit of automatic monthly SMS regarding your PF corpus and contribution.  So this is the best way without login to your portal you can get your EPF balance status.

  1. Download E-passbook through UAN:

UAN service provider portal allows EPS member to download the E-passbook of EPF account. This Passbook provides the details of a member’s monthly PF contribution as well as the monthly contribution by the employer.

Member can also check the contribution made by the employer towards EPS i.e. employee’s pension scheme. Once the employee has downloaded the E-passbook, he can anytime access this service and track his balance. Here are the steps to download the EPF E-passbook.

  1. Go to the official site of EPF i.e. epfindia.gov.in.
  2. Sign in with your correct UAN no. As your user ID and your password.
  3. The next page will display the member’s names and UAN details on the right-hand side.
  4. On the same page on the left-hand side, you will find the “Download” button where you have two options.  One is “Download Passbook” and second is “Download UAN Card.”
  5. Click on the option “Download Passbook.”
  6. A new page will be displayed showing member’s passbook, and on the same on the right-hand side you will find the radio button “Download Passbook.” Click on this button.
  7. Member’s E-passbook will download, and the pdf of the passbook will appear.

Now you can any time check the status of your EPF balance same way as you check your regular bank account details online

  1. Download E-Passbook through EPF member portal:

In a case where a member does not have UAN or forgotten UAN, the member can download the E-passbook through the EPF member portal.

  1. Log in to the EPFO portal through the document provided at the time of registration.
  2. Enter the document’s number and your registered mobile number.
  3. After successful login, you can see your details on the screen.
  4. Here you will find the option of E-book downloading.
  5. Select your state and PF office.
  6. Enter the details of your EPF account the same as per EPFO records.
  7. Fill the correct captcha in the box.
  8. Click on the button “GET PIN.”

Now you can access your passbook and easily download it.

While downloading your E-passbook through the EPF member portal, you need to keep some points in your mind. These points mentioned below.

  • You can use one mobile number for one registration.
  • Through this portal, you will be able to see one account detail for one establishment only.
  • You will be able to transfer your previous EPF account to the new EPF account.
  • To view more than one account, you need to register with other document details and mobile number.
  • You will not be worthy to see the details of account which is either settled or inoperative.
  • Your E-passbook will show exact and complete details of the transaction to date since the annual account updated for the establishment related to your account.
  1.  EPF balance inquiry through missed call service:

No other method to check your EPF balance would be as easy as missed call service or process. This method might be the easiest, simplest and fastest one. Through this process, a member is supposed to give a missed call through registered mobile on the selected number. This service is free of charge.  You can keep a note of the number to give a missed call.

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Member can give a missed call on inquiry number 0112290 1406 to check the PF balance.

Once you gave a missed call, you will receive an SMS on your mobile from the EPFO. This SMS will show you the updated and latest EPF balance of your account.

This SMS also shows some important details such as date of birth, your UAN details, your updated KYC, your last contribution, and most important your EPF balance.

  1. EPF Mobile APP APK – online pf balance check

EPFO has launched the Official Mobile App of EPF. One can download this app from the official website of EPFO, and you can also download this app from your Google Play Store for free i.e. it is not a chargeable or paid app.

Once the EPF app installed you need to add your UAN and registered mobile number to check the balance of your EPF account through the app. To check the balance of EPF balance through this mobile app, UAN is the must. Only those members who have activated their UAN to the UAN portal can check their PF balance through this app.  A member who has not activated his/her UAN registration can first activate through this app and then check the EPF status.

  1. Check EPF Balance through SMS -pf balance check number:

EPF members can check the EPF balance by sending an SMS on the designated number. This service is more or less similar to the missed call service, but here you are free to choose your preferred language.

In case if you are not able to give a missed call you can send an SMS to check your balance inquiry. The designated number to send the SMS and the particular format as mentioned below. You need to keep a note of this information with you so that

you can anytime check your EPF balance.

EPFOHO UAN ENG – Format of SMS to track your EPF Balance

7738 299 899 – Send the SMS on this number.

Using any of the above-mentioned methods EPF members can check the balance and the latest status of his/her EPF account very quickly.

I hope this article is useful for you and it has provided you detailed information related to EPS, its benefits, guidelines and various methods to check your EPF balance.