Bajao Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Everything 

Bajao Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Everything 

Bajao is an Indian-Hindi comedy-drama series written by Nikhil Sachan. The special attention that this show has received is due to Indian Punjabi rapper Raftaar, who played the lead role of Babbar. Babbar is also depicted as a rapper. 

It’s been just a few days since we received the first installment of the Bajao series, and it has received a good response from the audience. On top of that, Bajao Season 1 has gathered 8.3/10 ratings on the IMDb platform. 

If you are fond of Indian-Hindi comedy-drama series or are a fan of Raftaar, then Bajao Season 1 will entertain you the most. In this article, we have added all the information you need about Bajao Season 1. 

Moreover, here we have also mentioned the possible release date, cast members, a brief storyline of the Bajao Season 1, and the show’s official trailer. 

Bajao Season 2 Release Date

Bajao Season 1 is the perfect combination of comedy, drama, and friendship that three wanna-be filmmakers have portrayed on the screen. The first season of the Bajao series premiered on Jio Cinema on August 25, 2023. 

It has been just a few days since the show makers launched the first season of the Bajao series, and many fans are wondering whether the creators will bring a second part of the Bajao series. Well, it’s too early to decide whether the show will return. 

The showmakers observe the performance and the audience’s response to the storyline. However, if there are any updates regarding the Bajao Season 2, we will update you here. 

Bajao Season 1 Storyline – Spoilers Ahead

As mentioned, Bajao is an Indian-Hindi comedy-drama series created and developed by Nikhil Sachan and his team. 

The plot of Bajao Season 1 revolves around three best friends named Cookie (Sahil Vaid ), Ved (Tanuj Virwani), and Dhari (Sahil Khattar). 

In the first episode of Bajao Season 1, the trio is frustrated with their common lives and eager to start their own business. 

On the one hand, Ved and Cookie work for a record company and manage the organization’s talent; Dhari works as a salesman at a credit card firm. 

All of them are so exhausted with their professional and personal lives and concluded that they need to start a music company. Later, Ved also realized his dream was to become a music director. 

As the story progressed, the trio met a prominent artist, Babbar (Raftaar). Babbar is portrayed as one of the greatest Indian Punjabi rappers ever. After much back and forth, Ved and his friends convinced him to restart his music. 

But it is the point where things started tangling. One day, Babbar goes missing, and his father, Dharam Singh, sends his men to search Babbar. Will Ved, Cookie, and Dhari find Babbar and fulfill their dream of becoming successful music company owners? 

You will need to watch Bajao Season 1 to get all the answers. All the episodes are available on Jio Cinema. So what are you waiting for? Go and binge-watch the entire Bajao Season. 

Bajao Season 1 Cast Members List 

Here is the complete list of cast members of Bajao Season 1. 

  • Tanuj Virwani as Ved
  • Sahil Khattar as Dhari 
  • Raftaar as Babbar
  • Sahil Vaid as Cookie
  • Mahira Sharma as Sonal 
  • Nitin Rao as Faazal 
  • Indresh Malik as Gurdas
  • Nitesh Pandey as Karam Singh 
  • Rajesh Sharma as Dharam Singh 
  • Addinath Kothare as OG 
  • Banwari Lal Jhol as Dr. Rathi
  • Monalisa as Tanvi Choudhary 
  • Liliput as Gypsy Singh 

Bajao Season 1 Episode Title List

Since the show makers have yet to provide further information on Bajao Season 2, we have provided a complete list of episode headings for Bajao Season 1. 

  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 01 – Kahan Se Kahan Pauch Jayenge
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 02 – Mai Ek Startup Karne Ja Raha Hu 
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 03 – Babbar Paji Wapas Aao 
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 04 – Kaise Machi Bhasad
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 05 – Ghante Khatam 
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 06 – Tu Toh Out of Syllabus Nikla 
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 07 – Paiso Ka Bag Kaha Hai?
  • Bajao Season 1 Episode 08 – Ab Bajegi 

Where to Watch Bajao Season 2?

Bajao is an Indian comedy-drama series that revolves around three friends who want to start their own music company and struggle with many issues. Since the show has featured India’s one of the most versatile rappers, Raftaar, netizens and Hip Hop lovers are talking about the show and storyline. 

However, the show was recently been released on August 25, 2023. But still, if you haven’t watched the earlier episodes, head to the Jio Cinema app and binge-watch all the episodes. If there is a second season of the Bajao series, it will be released on the same platform. 

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Bajao Season 2?

Indian comedy-drama series are often released with eight to ten episodes each season, and Bajao Season 1 has also been released with eight episodes. However, it’s too early to comment on the show’s prospects. 

Similarly, we can not predict the exact number of episodes for Bajao Season 2. However, if the show makers bring a second season for the Bajao series, it may premier with eight episodes. 

Bajao Season 2 Makers Team 

Bajao is an Indian comedy-drama series created and developed by a team of well-experienced writers, directors, and producers. Nikhil Sachan, an Indian writer, has written the Bajao Season 1 storyline. 

In addition, Shiva Varma and Saptaraj Chakraborty have worked as the director for the show. Jyoti Deshpande, Pragya Singh, and Vijendra Sahaani are the executive producers for the first installment of the Bajao series. 

Interestingly, Raftaar, who has also played the lead role of Babbar, has also served as the music producer along with other musicians like Jarvis Menezes, Saurabh Lokhande, and Ajay Singha. 

Bajao Season 1 Review – Skip It or Stream It 

After the huge success and fan appreciation for the Gully Boy movie, fans demanded a project like a movie and a web series about hip hop and rap music, and here, Nikhil Sachan and his team have brought a musical comedy-drama series, Bajao. 

Bajao is a complete package of comedy-drama series, especially if you are a hip-hop lover; it will excite you even more. Since Raftaar debuted in this web series, millions of fans have been eager to watch him act and perform as ‘Babbar.’

However, some people are also talking about the tracks of the Bajao Season 1. According to some netizens, the web series and music songs depict the clashes between Raftaar and Yo Yo Honey Singh. Not only that, fans who are fond of underground hip-hop music have also said that Raftaar’s verses in the Pop G track have taken shots at his opponent Emiway and Muhfaad.

On and all, the show has the potential for a second season. With a unique concept and storyline, Bajao Season 1 has received a good response from the audience. A splendid combination of direction, story writing, and cinematography makes the show worth watching. 

Bajao Season 1 Trailer Release

The show makers have only released the first season of Bajao, and it is currently streaming on Jio Cinema. Furtherahead, it’s been just a few days since we received the first season of this comedy-drama series. 

However, we have added an official trailer link for the Bajao Season 1 here. So, if you have yet to watch the first season of Bajao, click on the link above and watch the official trailer of Bajao Season 1. Moreover, if there is a second for the Bajao series, we will add it here. 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, here we are after this entertainment blog post, and now you have complete information about Bajoa Season 2. Since the show has been released a few weeks ago, makers are still evaluating the show’s performances. 

Overall, the show has received mixed or average reviews from the audience. As the show has featured one of the most hyped rappers, Raftaar, in the role of Babbar, it gained the audience’s approval. 

However, there is a limited scope for the show. However, still, we can assume that, if everything goes right, makers will release a second part of this show with new celebrities and a twisted storyline to entertain the audience. 

We will update you here if and when we receive the final confirmation from the Bajao team members. Until then, watch the first season of the Bajao series and stay tuned to our website for further details about your favorite shows. 


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