Apple Watch will be able to analyze sleep with watchOS 7

Apple announced on Monday, June 22 watchOS 7, the new version of the operating system for the Apple Watch.

The iPhone maker announced watchOS 7 at a developer event WWDC 2020, which is celebrated every year in California, but this time it was an Internet transmission as a result of the ban on crowds gathered in the same place to avoid contagion by a coronavirus.

watchOS is the operating system dedicated to the Apple Watch that is already in its fifth generation and that the sixth would arrive in the fall of this year if Apple sticks to its habit of announcing a new watch from the hand of an iPhone in September.

watchOS 7 has as one of its new functions the possibility of sharing covers with third parties. If you like the cover of your friend’s Apple Watch, he can send you his cover and you can install it. If some apps don’t have them installed, the watch will suggest you install them.

Apple also added features so the watch can monitor sleep. Apple has put new features in so that the watch doesn’t disturb while you sleep, so the screen is always off, it only shows a simple and distraction-free face and then it will show when you wake up the breathing and pulsation information during the night. This information will be in the iPhone Health app.

Apple has integrated a new feature for users to wash their hands well and for 20 seconds, a duration suggested by medical organizations to kill bacteria. Apple added new options to monitor activities such as cooling down after an exercise routine or during dance classes.

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watchOS 7 releases new covers, it has integration with the iOS translation app, now you can put various complications of the same app on the main cover.

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The Apple Watch started as a smartwatch with few features but over the years and thanks to improvements in hardware and software, the watch has gained tools for health and physical activity. The Apple Watch can measure heart rate, alert the user to very noisy environments, allows analysis with an electrocardiogram, and can analyze the physical activity of different sports, from swimming, soccer, and yoga.