Apple mistakenly confirms AirTags in support video

An Apple product not yet announced was confirmed in an official video from the company.

Angela Lang / CNET

Apple confirmed – without wanting to – the AirTag device, which would work to locate other objects.

The Appleosophy site located the mention of the AirTags in an official support video posted on Apple’s support channel on YouTube. The site took a screenshot of the reference to this product that has not yet been announced, before Apple downloaded the video, which has already happened because the link to the video says that it is a private video.

The video containing the information was on how to delete the data on an iPhone, according to Appleosophy. While the video gave the instructions, in one of the menus was an option that said “Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular”. This line refers to the fact that the device and AirTags, the product not yet announced, can be found even when they are not connected to an Internet network.

AirTags have been mentioned in multiple reports and most of these suggest that they would launch in the first half of 2020. The devices are rumored to come from the hand of the mentioned iPhone 9 (also known as iPhone SE 2), which is believed to will be announced on April 15.

The video does not show more information about the AirTags, but it is expected to be a very small product, with a circular shape and that would be placed, by means of some type of glue, next to an iPhone, as part of a keychain or inside a wallet or bag. Objects with an AirTag attached could be located using an iOS compatible device.

Apple does not comment on rumors or reports.

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