Apple continues to reject the Facebook Gaming app from the App Store: NYT

Apple has rejected the Facebook Gaming app at least five times so that it cannot reach the App Store, according to The New York Times.

Apple says the Facebook app can’t reach the App Store because the store prohibits apps whose “primary purpose” is to distribute games, says the Times. The only way for iOS users to download games officially and safely is through the App Store.

Apple has rejected five versions of the app, says the Times. Each version has been modified by Facebook in an attempt to comply with the standards of the App Store, but even so Apple has blocked the arrival of the app that is available on Android and where it has more than 5 million downloads to date.

Apple’s rejections of the Facebook app are further proof of the control that Cupertino’s firm has over its store, an app market where around 4 million apps are distributed.

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Apple’s control over its store has been heavily criticized by developers and has generated formal investigations to detect if the company has excessive control and falls into monopolistic practices. Spotify and other companies that market their apps on the App Store have criticized Apple for owning the platform and also acting as the watcher of what can – and cannot – reach the App Store.

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