Anupamaa 15 May Divorce of Anupama And Vanraj – Latest Update

Anupamaa 15 May Divorce of Anupama And Vanraj – Latest Update

As we have seen in the last episode that Vanraj and Anupama are reached in court for their divorce, and they are talking with each other heartily without using even a word.

Now in today’s episode, the first scene is started with the scene of Anupama and Vanraj, and they both are looking at each other.

Vanraj says sorry for every mistake to Anupama in their married life. He remembers all the memories of their married life that they have spent together.

Anupama And Vanraj Divorce Latest episode

Vanraj also remembers the words that he has used for Anupama in their early life. When Vanraj is talking about their deeds and seeking forgiveness from the Aupama, then Anupama stops him by keeping his hand on his mouth.

Then Vanraj asked Anupama that let him speak about their bad habits on her, and he wants her to forgive her.

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Anupama said that she forgives about all the mistakes that he deeds in their life.

On the other side, Samar says to the doctor that he should have to listen to the Anupama, and they should have to be with her.

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Then the doctor has replied to Samar that he both means Vanraj and Anupama wanted to be the couple for the day before the divorce.

Then he got angry at himself. The doctor also added that it is good that no one accompanied them.

The doctor said to the Samar that he should not take stress about Vanraj and Anupama.