Android 11 to Android 1.5: Each version of Android and its news

Although it did not initially reveal the name of the candy that this version of the Google operating system would carry, the company said in June that it would be the Android 8.0 version.

Google announced the Android Oreo name on August 21, 2017.

With this update, the interface did not change, but it brings improvements in notifications and performance, as well as new multi-window functions (such as Picture in Picture).

Google released the final version of Android Oreo in the third quarter of 2017, along with the arrival of the Google Pixel 2.

Main news of Android 8.0 Oreo:

– Background app limits

– Notification channels

– Postpone notifications

– Project Treble will allow future updates to reach you faster

– Picture in Picture y más multiventana

– Notification points on app icons on the Home screen

– More uniformity between different Android interfaces (adaptive icons)

– New design of quick settings

The Android Oreo ‘pet’ introduces the operating system robot as a superhero with Oreo cookies.

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