After relapse, actress Cecilia Romo is taken back to the hospital under care

Actress Cecilia Romo had a relapse last week, which has led her to be sedated and intubated again, her daughter Claudia Romo shared on her social network account.

“My mother, Ceci Romo, has been hospitalized again since the afternoon of Sunday, July 12, due to respiratory failure that led to a heart attack, surely caused by fluid retention. Ceci is intubated and sedated. Doctors hope to start waking her up today or tomorrow.

“This is a relapse of the incredible recovery process that Ceci Romo was carrying, this warrior who throughout the past week began to regain strength, regain weight and enjoy beautiful moments with her close family,” said Claudia Romo Edelman.

Claudia also shared that the days she spent with her mother at her home allowed her some “arrangements”.

“Since she got home from the hospital, Ceci sang, laughed, and talked about it. She let herself be pretty- she painted her hair, we did masks, massages, makeup sessions, she arranged her feet with the podiatrist and she was very happy allowing herself to be pampered

“Ceci began to regain mobility in her arms and legs quickly. From not being able to move her arms properly when she got home from the hospital, to manage to clean her mouth alone. When we sat her in a chair, the first time she was sitting after three months, she asked us to stop her to start walking, “she said.

It also brought out the good spirits of the actress and that she could share with some close relatives.

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“Always kind, parrot and earning the affection of the entire medical, nursing and support team that is with her.

“Ceci with an appetite, ate and enjoyed homemade food with love. He was pleased with snacks and gifts sent by his friends and family such as delicious avocados that his novel partner Rafael Paz sent him, “he said.

Finally, he explained that it was after hemodialysis that he began to feel bad, which was reflected in a malfunction of the heart, lungs and kidney.

“The key now is for your kidney to recover, to start working and peeing. We are looking for a medicine so we can get her home as soon as possible.

“As Ceci’s daughter it is absolutely clear to me that my mom loves life, she wants to live and get ahead. She teaches me day by day that there is no room for doubt, only for faith and love, “he said.


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