2020 Census: You can still be counted and this is what you should do


There are still ways to respond to Census 2020.

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Every 10 years in the United States, the first day of April is known as Census Day, since it is the day you must cooperate with the government to count you as a person who lives in your home. But, if you haven’t answered the census or missed that date, you still have time to complete the 2020 questionnaire.

According to the Census Bureau website, home visits will be made between May 27 and August 14 (although we do not know how it will affect the coronavirus outbreak to these visits in person).

The census is mandatory and is part of the United States Constitution (Article 1, Section 2), which legally requires that the country count all residents in its territory, whether or not they are citizens. It went into effect in 1790 and its result helps determine federal, state, and local budgets and the number of representatives per state in Congress.

To answer, you can answer a online questionnaire, by phone or by mail. As of March 31, only 38 percent of residents of the United States had answered it.

If you have not answered it, this is how you can do it:

Fill the 2020 census online

This is the easiest way to fill out the form. You must use your 12-number census code, which should have been mailed to you by the Census Bureau since March.

Here you can see where the code is located in the document. If you don’t have the document, you can follow these steps to retrieve the code.

And, to answer online, follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to answer the 2020 Census online.

By phone

If you prefer to answer by phone, you can call (844) 330-2020 (English) or (844) 468-2020 (Spanish) to speak to someone and answer questions.

Via mail

If you received the questionnaire by mail, you can fill it out and send it back to the Census Bureau the same way, using the envelope they included.

What happens if you don’t answer the census?

Starting in mid-April, the Census Bureau will actively search for those who have not responded to make sure everyone is counted.

From April 16 to June 19, census workers will coordinate with universities, retirement homes, jails, and other large institutions to count all the people who live there.

From April 19 to May 1, census workers will count homeless people living in shelters or other locations, including street or makeshift camps.

And from May 17 to August 14, the Census Bureau plans to visit the homes of people who have not responded.

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