What are the best casino games to play live?

What are the best casino games to play live?

In the not too distant past, casino games were not something that many people played on a live basis. Technology which we as a society take for granted today, such as video conferencing and super-fast internet, was simply not available on as wide a scale — leading to a situation in which communication and exchange in any burgeoning online casino environment was slow and sluggish.

Fast forward to the present day and things have clearly changed dramatically. It’s now possible for players to enjoy casino games which have a live and genuinely interactive element. Table games with live dealers streamed into the privacy of your home via a video link are universally available, while there are also other games can be played live. It’s possible to chat with your fellow players, have a conversation with a real dealer, and much more. This blog post will take this insight and explore what the best live casino games out there might be, and look at how you can try it online if you wish.

Card games: Blackjack and poker 

To many people, the excitement of playing a card game at a casino is either the core part of the appeal or at least an important part of it. In poker, for example, the so-called “poker face” is an essential part of the gameplay and a way for the mechanics of the game to play out. To some purists, the idea of playing online is strange because it doesn’t necessarily allow for the same sort of exciting processes to play out.

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However, the reality is very different. Card games like blackjack and poker are in fact some of the most popular ones to play online thanks to the impact of modern technology. The dealer can be displayed remotely via a live video feed, meaning that it’s almost like you’re all together in person playing the game. In some online casino environments, it’s even possible to see the other players, wherever they are in the world — so you can still have an opportunity to practice your poker face. 


Roulette is also a great game to play online. As is the case with the above games, the excitement of the environment can be replicated online thanks to the use of live video streaming technology. The best live casinos also do an excellent job of replicating the role of the croupier, who spins the wheel and the ball. The exact format taken in this regard can change depending on the live online casino in question. In some online casinos, there’ll be a video feed of a live online croupier, but the ball and wheel will be computer generated and graphically represented. In the very best live online casino environments, however, the ball and wheel will exist in the same room as the croupier in the live feed, meaning that it will feel exactly like a real casino environment.

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One of the biggest advantages of playing roulette in a live way is that you can choose from all the many different themes on offer. The diversity of themes on offer is huge. You can, for example, choose roulette games which are structured around different types of sports games such as football or cricket. Alternatively, you can choose particularly immersive live roulette experiences which use extra tools such as giving you a shoutout by name if you win. In short, you don’t need to leave your home in order to have a live casino experience playing roulette thanks to the hard work of game developers around the world.

Slot games?

The other main sort of game that you’re likely to find at an online casino is the humble slot game — brought into the 21st century in the form of a high definition interactive experience. In some ways, this is the casino gaming vertical that requires a “live” element the least. The gameplay and mechanics of slot gaming are largely automated, meaning that there’s less need for human interaction when the game is played. 

Overall, the good news is that there’s a very high number of casino games available out there for players to pick from if they want to play live. With games like poker, roulette and slots all available, it’s worth thinking hard about what games you want to play live and what your skills might be best suited to.

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