Numilk Founder, Net Worth, Shark Tank Pitch, Latest Updates, and Everything You Need to Know

Numilk Founder, Net Worth, Shark Tank Pitch, Latest Updates, and Everything You Need to Know

As we moved to the 21st century, our needs increased with time. Especially the food and beverage industry has been growing exponentially. Still, some people prefer organic and nutritious foods and practice veganism.

Numilk Product Details
Company Name Numilk
Founder Ari Tolwin and Joseph Savino
Year 2017
Headquarters Location New York, United States
Product Vending Machine
Company Type Private
Target Market Everyone
Reality Shows Shark Tank (2021)
Episode Release date October 28, 2018
Episode no. Season 12 Episode 18
Initial Investment $10,00,000 for 5% equity
Final Deal $1 million for 7% stake +
an optional $ 1 million loan at 3% interest for a 3% stake in advisory shares.
Business Status (2023) Active
Official Website
Official Instagram Username @numilk
Official Twitter Username @numilkfresh
Company Net Worth $55 million (in 2023)

If you are one of those who want to build a healthy physique, then let me introduce you to Numilk. It is a plant-based machine that helps you to make fresh almond milk. Here, we will provide details about Numilk’s founders, net worth, and the company’s performance in the Shark Tank show.

What is The Numilk: Company Overview

Numilk is a milk-making machine developed by Ari Tolwin and Joseph Savino in 2018. It is a unique eco-friendly, bacteria-free milk-making machine that offers plant-based milk to consumers. You can also use this machine to produce fresh and prepared milk without additional home appliances. 

Initially, Joseph devised the idea to provide ready-to-drink fresh almond milk through a machine. Here, users need to insert a bottle into the faucet and select the commands according to their preferences, and within a minute, their milk will be ready to serve.

Who Are The Founders of Numilk Company

Ari Tolwin and Joe Savino founded the ‘Numilk.’ company in 2018. Both have in-depth, practical knowledge of the beverage industry. 

Interestingly, they both have found companies in their respective domain. Ari Tolwin founded Happy Tree Maple Water in 2013, and Savino co-founded Harvest Beverage Group in the same year.

Numilk Company Before Shark Tank

Numilk was established by Ari Tolwin and Joseph Savino in New York, United States. This machine allows users to make fresh and organic almond milk.

Before shark tank’s deal, the company raised $12 million from investors. However, they had to spend millions in consecutive years to earn minimal profit. 

Numilk Company Appearance in The Shark Tank

After facing considerable loss, the founders decided to present their product to the Shark Tank so that they could scale their business. Tolwin and Savino went to the Shark Tank show, and they offered $1 million for 5% company’s equity.

Initially, the founders explained their product and the motive behind the innovation.

While talking about their inspiration, the founders said they love almond milk, plant-based milk, and protein shakes. However, they don’t like to compromise their health and try to avoid bulky packaged milk jars. 

They further added pre-packaged plant-based milk contains harmful gums and bacteria, which can affect overall health. Moreover, they don’t taste like organic ones.

The founders have also introduced a portable version of Numilk, and one machine costs $199. Meanwhile, they also discussed the monetary components of the business. In 2018, the company spent $2 million to execute the concept; in return, they only made 40,000. The following year, in 2019, they made $320,000 but lost over $3 million. 

Later, the founders reached the Shark Tank show in 2021 to scale their business by receiving monetary support from wealthy Sharks. Afterward, Mark Cuban offered them $2 million with certain conditions.

He proposed that $1 million would be in cash at 7% company’s equity, and the remaining $1 million would be included in a loan with 3% interest. The founders, Ari Tolwain and Joseph Savino accepted the offer and started their new journey.

Numilk Company After Shark Tank

After receiving the desired deal from Mark Cuban, the company raised more than $200,000 from 800 backers. As of 2023, Numilk has sold many machines across the United States.

If you want a Numilk machine, you can buy it from the company’s official website. They have also launched the mini home version Numilk machine.   

According to some reports, the company struggles with internal issues and a poor supply chain management system. Last year, in 2022, the company partnered with Hamilton Beach to offer the Home and Pro machines. 

Numilk Company Net Worth 2023

As mentioned above, the company faces some issues, and its sales are dropping yearly. Initially, when it appeared on the Shark Tank show, many people felt the need for this product. 

Moreover, Mark Cuban is also a vegetarian, and when he invested millions into the company, the audience showed interest in the innovative product.

At the Shark Tank show, Numilk’s founder presented the company’s valuation at $55 million, which sounded skeptical to some sharks, and they rejected the deal. The company has not disclosed its net worth for the last year (2022).

However, the estimated net worth for 2023 will be $10 million. Still, founders must work on various aspects of the business to sustain itself in this competitive market.

Major Competitors of Numilk

As we know, the food and beverage industry is one of the most competitive industries in the market. A well-managed system, active market presence, and upgradation are the keys to surviving in this market. As of now, Numilk faces several problems in the actual execution.

The companies like EclipseFoods, Ripple Foods, Califia Farms, and Oatly are the top competitors of Numilk company. Still, it ranks 14th among the more than 150 active competitors. 

Numilk Company Latest Updates

Since cracking the deal from Shark Tank, Numilk seems to be an average company. Even after receiving $2 million from the wealthiest shark, Mark Cuban, the company struggles to make huge profits.

No doubt, the company has worked toward improving its brand name. Last year, in June 2022, the company also introduced kiosk machines to improve the production units of the business. They have launched Numilk Home and Numilk Pro, mini versions for cafes and restaurants, for $699. 

Bottom Lines 

A few months ago, Tolwin announced that he was working on establishing commercial machines and wanted to collaborate with coffee shops and restaurants. The equipment is highly commendable, allowing consumers to make plant-based milk within a minute. 

The company’s sales and profit have undoubtedly increased after the shark tank. Still, they need to build a stable social media presence. You can also share your suggestions or opinion in the comment section.

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