OM Engineering Works Spread Their Wings by Exporting Mini Oil Filter Press Machine to Bahrain

OM Engineering Works Spread Their Wings by Exporting Mini Oil Filter Press Machine to Bahrain 

June 2022 – Rajkot, Gujarat, India – OM Engineering Works, India’s one of the well-known oil filtration machine manufacturers in India, started focusing on new export markets to evade the risk of increasing competition in the domestic market. And today, they exported an oil filtering machine to Bahrain. 

Cooking oil prices are increasing daily in the market, mainly due to its high import dependency. As per the Department of Consumer Affairs, by 16 May 2022, the people of India will have spent an average of 14 % more, or an extra Rs 22 per KG, on edible oil than they were spending last year.

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) shared data based on Consumer Price Index (CPI), which indicated that inflation in edible oil costs has been extreme to the overall inflation rate in India.

And all these statistics show that starting a mini oil mill plant business has a wide array of scopes in India. To know more about this business, you can contact any well-known mini oil mill plant manufacturers like OM Engineering Works. They are not only supplying in India but have also started exporting oil plant machinery around the globe. 

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Recently they have supplied an oil filter machine in Bahrain, and their export team ensures the complete exporting process is hassle-free and smooth. They know all the norms of machine exporting worldwide and have all the documents required to export a machine from India to other countries. So get in touch with them to know India’s mini oil filter machine price.

What Should You Know About a Mini Oil Filter Press Machine? 

Before buying a oil filter press machine, it is imperative to understand its specifications and uses. In addition, you should understand the mini oil filter press machine’s price, how it works, and which industries it is most suitable for. If you want to make the most of your purchase, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect machine for your needs. You can also supply raw materials for processing to ensure that the result is the best.


A mini oil filter press is a machine that filters edible oil extracted from mini oil mill plants. These machines use filtering cloth that is extremely effective in edible oil filtration. After the liquid passes through the filtering cloth, it is expelled from a faucet. Before using your oil filter press machine, you must ensure that the pipe clips are tight. You should be able to see filtered oil coming out within minutes.

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A mini oil filter machine can produce the desired quality in less time. It can also keep a solid matter of about 3-5 microns. Its versatility and ease of use make it a desirable piece of machinery for many industries. If you’re looking for an efficient way to filter oil, consider OM mini oil filter press machine.


The Oil Filter Press Machine is a handy tool in an oil extraction plant. It is capable of producing desired final product quality within a short period. The mini oil filtering press is made of cast iron and Polypropylene (PP). The plates are carefully analyzed before being manufactured. It has flat bars on its sides designed to withstand extra-high pressure. Other accessories include a filter cloth, a petcock, and an oil pump with a motor. This filter press machine is also suitable for small-scale oil production. In addition, it is easy to maintain. 

OM Engineering Works offers high-quality machines with reasonable oil filter machine prices. They have 5 different oil filter press machines with different capacities like: 

  • Model 1 with 10”X10” – 10 plates and capacity: 30-40 ltr/hr
  • Model 2 with 12”X12” – 12 plates and Capacity: 50-60 ltr/hr  
  • Model 3 with 14”X 14”- 14 plates and Capacity: 70-80 ltr/hr
  • Model 4 with 16”X16”- 16 plates and Capacity: 90-100 ltr/hr
  • Model 5 with 18”X18”- 18 plates and Capacity: 160-180 ltr/hr
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The oil Filter Press Machine is generally used in mini oil mill plants and is one of the important parts of the oil mill machinery. A mini oil mill is a complete plant that uses machinery to produce edible oil from edible seeds like sunflower, coconut, peanuts/groundnuts, flaxseeds, mustard, and many more. 

How to Buy Oil Filter Press Machines?

Team at OM Engineering Works, is available to guide you through the process of buying to installing an oil filtering press machine, so it is good to contact them to know more. 


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