Bruw Coffee, Establishment, Net worth, Latest Updates, And Everything You Need To Know

Bruw Coffee, Establishment, Net worth, Latest Updates, And Everything You Need To Know

People start their morning by consuming tea or coffee. Through this, you can estimate the importance of tea and coffee in people’s day-to-day life. But, the thing is some prefer tea and some prefer coffee it entirely depends on the taste and preference of an individual. 

 Bruw Coffee Product Details
Founder Max Feber
Founded December, 2015
Company Name Acquired by “Snarky Tea.”
Location 5041 Greensward Ct,
West Bloomfield, Michigan,
48322, United States
Product Cold Coffee Filter
Appearance in Reality Shows Shark Tank, Season-10,
Episode 9
Asked for Investment $50,000 for 25% Equity
Finalized the deal $50,000 for 30% Equity
Sharks Mark Cuban
Business Status Active
Official website
Instagram ID @maxbfeber
Official Twitter ID @bruwcoffee
YouTube Channel @maxfeber8823
Net Worth (2023) Previously it was $2,00,000
Drop Down to $1,66,667
Currently not disclosed


For instance, most Indian people prefer tea in the morning, while a citizen of the USA, prefers coffee in the morning; there are also a few options available in coffee some prefer its bitter taste, some like to drink hot coffee, while others like to drink cold coffee, etc. In Nutshell, we can say that the preference depends on the culture, like from where you belong too. 

So, in this article, we will provide you with a piece of information regarding one newly introduced Coffee brand, named, “Bruw Coffee.” Bruw Coffee is a filter machine that is specifically for you to make cold coffee. This idea was invented by Max Feber. Now, stay connected with this article to get more information regarding “Bruw Coffee.”

What is Bruw Coffee?

The Bruw is a Coffee filter system that is designed to make café-like grade cold brew coffee at home using very simple, and easy steps.

The specialty of this invention is that it comes with a two-sided Mason jar lid and both have their purposes to make coffee. 

Now, let’s learn the process of making a cold brew coffee, with the help of a Mason jar.

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Process of Using a Mason Jar:

First of all, you have to place the coffee and water in one mason jar which secures the lids, and then mixed it well by taking the support of other coffee jars.

Once the coffee gets ready, you need to flip the jar into its filter function, which is in the middle of the jar; and your filter coffee is ready to drink.

The cost of the Bruw filter is $19.99, and if you buy the Bruw coffee with its Mason jars, then it will cost you $34.99.

Bruw Coffee Advantages and Drawbacks:

Bruw Coffee Advantages:

  1. The major benefit of having a Bruw coffee is you can easily make a café-type cold brew coffee at home.
  2. You just have to fill the two-side of the mason jars with water and coffee.
  3. It only takes a few hours to make a coffee.
  4. Also, the process of making coffee is very simple and easy.

If we talk about the other side of using Bruw Coffee, then it is the only product who didn’t have any drawbacks.

Who is the Founder of Bruw Coffee?

Max Feber studied in a high school when he found the “Bruw Coffee” product. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who had take a part in Shark Tank too for raising funds for his product. He loves to drink cold brew coffee, but he always taught about its process which is quite complex before the invention of the Bruw Coffee maker. 

Then an idea blinks in his mind, to develop a cold coffee filter machine at home, so all can make use of it. After the invention of the product, Feber also started a “Kickstarter Campaign,” to raised the funding and he successfully collected the fund of more than $10,000. 

Feber has also taken use of some of the websites to sell its products, like Amazon, IndieGoGo, and his official website. After facing so many challenges, finally, his dream to make his product a huge brand comes true.

Yet, he still wants the help of some of the biggest investors, who can provide strategies for his company, related to its production, and distribution pattern. So, he decided to be a part of one of the reality shows in America, named, “Shark Tank.”

Bruw Coffee Featuring in Shark Tank:

Max Feber appeared in Shark Tank, as he is looking for an investment of $50,000 for 25% of Equity. First of all, Max shared his struggling journey to introduce this product, and then after giving the demonstration of his product. Max stated that he need the help of sharks in expanding his business, as well as also to increase the market value of his product. 

After hearing this, the sharks asked Max about his contribution to making the Bruw Coffee product, and how he will solely manage everything. Max said that he is a full-time student, so it is quite difficult for him to manage everything, which disappoints the sharks. But at the same time, sharks are also impressed by Max, because being a student he started his own business. 

Although Kevin O’Leary is the first shark who offered the deal to Max, and that was $5,00,000 for 50% of his equity, some sharks appreciate the idea but did not give any offer to Max. Another offer was placed by Daymond John which was of $50,000 for 30% of his equity. The last offer was given by Mark Cuban which was $50,000 for 30% of equity, and he advised Max to focus on its marketing part rather than increasing the product. Thus, after taking a few minutes to decide, Max accepts the offer from Mark Cuban and makes a deal with him. 

Bruw Coffee Net Worth:

The net worth of the product was $200,000 before arriving in the show, but after Mark Cuban invested, its worth drops down to $1,66,667.

Currently, the company is acquired by “Snarky Tea” in April 2020 and its recent net worth is not revealed by any source.

Bruw Coffee After Shark Tank Latest Updates 2023:

After appearing in Shark Tank, Bruw coffee was acquired by “Snarky Tea,” a firm in the year 2020.

At present, the firm is still serving their customer, with the help of some well-known websites like Amazon. Also, Bruw had added  10 different flavors to their list, including; 

  1. Strawberry,
  2. Kona Colada.
  3. Pomegranate,
  4. Jasmine Pearls,
  5. Cucumber Mint,
  6. Mango Peach,
  7. Blackberry,
  8. Cranberry,
  9. Lavender,
  10. Lemon Kiwi, etc. are the list of the newly added flavor of Bruw Coffee.

All the different flavors are sold at $49.9 plus added some extra shipping charges that are $10. The current net worth of “Bruw Coffee,” is not disclosed. But, it makes a profit as it satisfies the consumer’s needs.

Bruw Coffee Competitors:

The following is the list of Bruw Coffee’s competitors:

  • Matt Michel,
  • Coffee Bruer,
  • Frank One,

  • Waldo,
  • Osaka Coffee,
  • Beach Coffee,
  • Single Origin, and much more.

Parting Words:

The “Bruw Coffee” was invented by one of the youngest entrepreneurs, named, “Max Feber.” This product is particularly useful for those people who can easily make cold brew coffee at home. Not only that, but the cost of the product is also affordable.

So in this article, we have discussed all the essential information regarding the product, including its advantages, net worth, current updates, and much more.


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