Movie Stars Who Enjoy Playing Casino Games

The quirks and eccentricities of celebrities have always been items of thrill for most folks. Movie stars tend to be very wealthy. It’s only natural to gawk and try to understand how they spend and remake their money. As you might someday find out first-hand, casinos, alongside other public entertainment spots, are usually frequented by movie stars and singers alike.

You might even find yourself playing poker against your favorite movie stars someday. Contrary to what you might expect, not all celebrities visit a casino purely motivated by the thrills of gameplay; some are more motivated, same as the atypical gambler, with the idea of hitting huge jackpots and retiring early.

In the remainder of the article, we’ve detailed the lifestyles of the notable movie stars who are also avid gamblers.

Ben Affleck

Many people became aware of Ben’s proclivity to online gambling when details of Hard Rock Casinos’ lifetime ban on him hit social media. Naturally, folks assumed he had cheated during gameplay or had perhaps committed a crime. However, Ben was insanely skilled at card counting. He had won over a million dollars from Hard Rock using a counting technique. These days, gossip has it he’s one of the privacy-inclined celebs who prefer playing online casino games instead of land-based types.

Players can experience equally awesome gameplay, same as with their favorite celebs on the net. This NJ online poker review sheds light on some notable online casinos in New Jersey where players can experience equally excellent gameplay as their favorite celebs. With several games available and several promotional offers – like welcome bonuses – to facilitate gameplay, players, no doubt, would find enough reasons to get hooked.

James Wood

James Wood is a notable top Hollywood actor in the States. Not only does he love playing casino games, but he’s also even gone on to recommend several online casinos to his followers at many points. He is also a regular at several land-based casinos in Vegas.

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He’s made a name for himself as a celebrity who’s not reluctant to publicly profess his preferences for table games. Wood was also one of the pioneers and foremost proponents of Hollywood Poker, providing patrons a chance to wager against their favorite movie stars in various competitions.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the more notable fanciers of gambling in Hollywood. He’s been spotted severally accompanying his close bud, Ben Affleck, to several casinos, including Hard Rock, before his ban. He’s widely known to strongly prefer Baccarat and Sic Bo.

Damon loves table games. As It happens, his passion for it inspired one of his earliest movies – Rounders. Urban legend has it he had to play a ton of professional poker games at insanely high stakes to prepare for the flick – from which he developed a liking for the whole concept of gambling. He prefers to gamble at virtual casinos instead of traditional casinos.

Jennifer Tilly

This actress, who’s even gone on to get several Oscar nominations, is also an outstanding poker player. At one time, in the aftermath of a World Series of Poker tournament, she once got a bracelet for topping over 600 other players in the Texas Hold’Em auxiliary tournament.

Having made upwards of some few millions in her line of work, she’s long since left acting permanently to become an avid virtual gambler.

Michael Jordan

Not only is Michael Jordan one of the foremost basketball players of his generation, but most folks also don’t know he’s one of those famous people who love playing casino games.  Legend has it he once lost a million dollars on a single bet. Jordan doesn’t gamble on only slots and table games. He’s well known to stake on horse races and F1 sports.

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Charles Barkley

Once a basketball player, Charles Barkley presently works as an analyst at the NBA. He’s gone into glamorous scandals over the years, with the recent highlighting his debt – over $450,000 – to a Vegas casino.

You’d never have to worry about burning as much funds as Barkley has should you play at some of the leading virtual platforms. This review on the best paying online casino Australia already has the hard work done and features only the most trustworthy and reliable platforms in Aussie. Such reviews typically cover every aspect you might need to wrap your head around, such as deciding which is the highest paying game and practical steps to take to maximize your earnings.

These days, Barkley is usually engrossed with virtual platforms, where he reportedly gambles moderately in addition to his analyst job at the NBA.

Pamela Anderson

With several reports detailing how Pamela has skirted hundreds of thousands in winnings from various casinos, one thing is that Pamela is a talented game gambler. As it happens, her husband Is also a hardcore gambler. They met on one such gaming round.

Chances are you’ve seen her shows at some point, especially the widely acclaimed Baywatch series. Indeed these days, table games are, to an extent,  the life and soul of famous actress.

Shannon Elizabeth

Widely acclaimed for her roles in American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth took a quite unusual step when she placed her career on hold to concentrate more on Poker. These days, she’s a notable participant in World Series tournaments and has won incredible prizes. You might want to keep up with the best movies and TV shows to know what role she’s been cast in next. Everything you’d find on such a site is designed to give you an option of the new additions on Netflix you can select from and watch.

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Brad Pitt

Many fans were stunned after Brad Pitt’s outstanding performance in the gambling-themed flick Ocean’s Eleven. Some fans even went to construct elaborate theories of Pitt being an Avid Gambler, yet; somehow, he manages to hide his infatuation with casinos from the public. Nevertheless, it seems more likely that Pitt had an inherent talent for gambling as he only started practicing preparations for his role in the flick.

Nowadays, fans can occasionally glimpse the star in casinos where he’s been touted to have a special preference for Baccarat and Blackjack as table games demand more skill and tactics to triumph. Nonetheless, rumor has it he’s one of those celebs who also love online slot gameplays.


By no means are these celebrities the only ones to have an affinity for gambling. Several others enjoy online casino gambling just as much. Before the explosion of virtual casinos, it was quite common to run into a celeb at a physical casino. These days, they prefer gambling away from prying eyes and bothersome fans.

Nonetheless, this only proves that famous people are just like us, with their hobbies and favorite activities not being different from ours at all. Actors or not – every one occasionally enjoys a good gamble.