How to Convert Word to JPG on PC and Mac [4 Free Methods]

The office Word document is one of office workers’ most prevalent file formats. Usually, we use it to export copywriting, write research papers, record meeting contents, design typesetting, etc. It is an excellent tool for recording the writing inspiration. But this file format has also its flaws. 

On one hand, the Word file won’t maintain the same file formatting on any device. Converting the Word document to images can ensure the content won’t lose the original formatting. On the other hand, to check Word files, you need to rely on a specialized Word file viewer. In comparison, Images are easier to transmit than Word documents. Among various image formats, the JPG file has the best compatibility. Moreover, JPG is lightweight but remains a high clarity. Converting a Word document to JPG is a great option if you need to deliver the file more easily. This guide will demonstrate how to convert Word to JPG on Windows, Mac, and online.

How to Convert Word to JPG on Windows and Mac Offline

Converting a Word file to images directly may cause the file formatting to be lost. Using a PDF converter as an intermediary is an excellent solution. There are various desktop PDF converters that can fulfill the conversion from Word documents to JPG files. This PDFgear is one of the best options. It is a versatile PDF processing tool. You can use it to convert Word to JPG indirectly. This converter is compatible with both Windows and Mac. With it, you can turn the Word document into pictures without losing the original formatting. Its UI is so simple and intuitive to grab all things for the new users. With simple clicks, you can batch convert the Word file to PDF and finally transform it into a JPG file. It provides you with a free trial version to access. 


  • Free to convert Word to JPG
  • Batch convert files at a time
  • No network is required


  • Need to install software
  • Not available for mobile phones
  • Limits in the free version

Refer to the detailed steps to convert Word to JPG with PDFgear.

Step 1. Install the PDF Converter

Download and install the desktop PDFgear from its official website:

Download PDFgear to Your Computer

Step 2. Convert Word to PDF

Launch the software and select Convert to PDF> Word to PDF to import your Word files. Input more files if you need to. Press the Convert button to export the PDF files. 

Convert Word to PDF with PDFgear

Step 3. Convert PDF to JPG

Select PDF to JPG on the dashboard and import the PDF files. Hit Convert to transform files into JPG images. 

Convert PDF to JPG with PDFgear

Apart from file conversion, PDFgear also obtains various PDF editing solutions, such as hyper compress PDF, manage PDF pages, edit PDF with text, lines, highlighters, etc. Install it as a PDF assistant if you are looking toward it. 

How to Convert Word to JPG Online

Several online PDF converters are also efficient in saving a Word file to JPG images. The online Adobe Acrobat is undoubtedly the most reliable and authoritative one. In comparison, the online tool is more accessible and compatible with any device. But Adobe is not entirely free to use. Several features are paid. It allows you to download the converted file for free for the first time. If you need to convert more, you have to log into your account and provide payment information. It gives a seven-day free trial of the pro features. After the trial version is expired, it will automatically update to the pro version. Remember to cancel it if you are unwilling to subscribe. 


  • No installation issues
  • Convert Word to JPG anytime and anywhere
  • Fast and easy to fulfill the conversion 


  • Only supports downloading for free for the first time
  • Cannot convert in bulk 
  • Converting speed relies on the network

How to convert Word to JPG online with Adobe 

Step 1. Go to the Adobe Acrobat online page:

Step 2. Click Convert at the top menu bar. Choose Word to PDF to upload a Word file. Convert and download it to your local folder. 

Step 3. Choose PDF to JPG on the online page and upload the PDF file to convert to JPG. 

Convert Word to JPG with Adobe Online

How to Convert Word to JPG on Mac

Using Preview, you can easily convert a Word file to images, like JPG, without downloading third-party software. It is a default file viewer and editor on Mac, which can also convert file formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. It is free and open source. Although not as comprehensive as PDF editing software, it is enough to convert a Word file to JPG. But Preview can not directly deal with Word documents. You can use the Word tool to export the file to PDF in the first place and then use Preview to convert the PDF to JPG. 


  • Default on the Mac system
  • Free to edit files
  • intuitive user interface


  • Only for PDF and some images files
  • Batch conversion is not feasible 
  • Need to use another tool to convert Word to PDF

How to convert Word to JPG on Mac with Preview

Step 1. Open the Word file with Microsoft Word or other Word document edit tools. Export it as a PDF file. 

Step 2. Right-click the PDF file and select open with Preview. Then click File> Save as> JPG to convert the PDF to JPG images. 

Convert PDF to JPG with Preview

How to Convert Word to JPG with Microsoft Word 

Another method is to use Microsoft to convert a Word file to others. Microsoft Word allows you to export the file as PDF, Web page, etc. You can use it to convert a Word document to PDF first and then select a PDF converter to JPG. It is feasible to transform the Word format but fails to convert to JPG images directly. 


  • Simple to operate
  • Convert Word to PDF in seconds
  • No network is required


  • Not able to convert to JPG directly
  • Operate one document at a time
  • Possible to lose file formatting 

How to convert Word to PDF with Microsoft Word

Step 1. Open the Word file with Microsoft Word.

Step 2. Click File> Save as> Browse. Then select a new folder and choose PDF as the exported file format. 

Convert Word to PDF in Microsoft Word 

FAQs on Turning Word to JPG

How to turn word into JPEG?

JPEG is similar to the JPG file. To turn Word into JPEG, you can first convert the Word file to PDF and then use a PDF converter to transform it into JPEG images. 

How to convert PDF images to word with ease?

Usually, PDF converter desktop software is helpful for converting PDF to Word and vice versa. You can install one to fulfill the conversion. 

Why convert Word to JPG?

Images files are more convenient to transmit and check. Maintaining the same information, an image file also takes less storage space. Among various image file formats, JPG is the most compatible one. It is smaller in size but has a clearer resolution. Therefore, converting a Word file to a jpg is a wise decision. 


It is a piece of cake to convert Word to JPG with the mentioned solutions. Usually, we choose to convert the Word to PDF and then turn it into JPG images. We list the pros and cons of each method. You can follow one of the methods according to your practical situation.