New on Netflix June 2022: The Best Movies and TV shows

June is here with many new releases on Netflix for the streaming curl-up-on-the-sofa audience. There is always a list of Netflix movies every month, from the most anticipated to the previously unknown. An example of the well-known films coming out on Netflix this June, which has been building sky-high excitement in the world, is season 4 of ‘Strangers Things.’

The latest of the series, which is to be released on Netflix, is one filled with mystery, adventure, magic, and love. Another one, which is very much anticipated, is the ‘Money Heist: Korea.’ This is probably because of how loved the original release of ‘Money heist’ was.

This list has been created by LeafletCasino experts who specialize in reviews of online casino Canada legal and keep their eye on the ball not only when it comes to finding and researching new casino brands but also when pick up the latest TV shows worth watching. Everything is designed to give you an option of the new additions on Netflix you can select from and watch, with themes ranging from gambling, casinos, money, finance, and more. Whether you prefer modern titles or movies that belong in the Netflix documentary category, there is something for you this June.

Peaky Blinders

The Netflix series release date has been fixed for the 19th of June, 2022. The season of the series has been said by the show creator, Stephen Knight, to be the last part. Promising six episodes, all would be released online at once for your binging pleasure.

The Netflix film is a crime-themed movie set in the first post-war era in Birmingham, England. It is a Netflix documentary based on a real-life young gang with the same group title, based in the Midlands and remaining in active existence since the nineteenth century. Although none of the names was a direct result of the life gang’s existence, the action here depicts just how much of a rebel gang the original was.


The Netflix film focuses on the activities of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who is the head of the gang and holds the entire town “by the neck” with his audacious actions. He loves crime and has a flair for illegal gambling and a total disregard for the authorities. This movie revolves around Tommy and his gang, and we are up for the excitement that the final season promises this June.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Era

This movie is a South Korean television original Netflix documentary series directed by Kim Hong-sun. It is a remake of the original Spanish TV series, which has crime, money laundering, theft, and in the midst of all that, love. It features a gang of people headed by “The Professor,” Yoo Ji-Tae, who is the planner of every activity to be carried out. This includes the places to be robbed and people to target, the original focus, all along the way, being the newly minted currency of the nation.

Other gang members include Berlin, Rio, Tokyo, Oslo, Nairobi, and Moscow. The Netflix film soon to be released focuses on different characters with varying personalities and a will to survive against all odds while escaping authorities. It is set to be released on the 24th of June, and the first season would be a release of 12 episodes, divided into equal halves, with each episode being approximately one hour.

Vegas Vacation

Written by Elisa Bell and Bob Ducsay and directed by Stephen Kessler, this title dates to 1997. In the fourth instalment of this vacation franchise, Clark Griswold, who is played by Chevy Chase, finally gets the bonus promised to him for his role in developing a food preservative. To celebrate, he takes his family on holiday.

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Join the Griswold family on a series of misadventures in Las Vegas, Nevada. This may fall in the category of the best Las Vegas movies on Netflix as it promises a laughing fest coupled with real casino gambling and heaps of money! Watch this family lose in blackjack and win four cars from land-based slot machines.It does not end there, as they go on to bet $2 on a Keno game and lose before striking some “dying” luck. 

If you want to be a part of them and experience their emotions, you can try Zodiac online casino Canada. This is a great online casino that has become a worthy replacement for the land-based casino from the movie. This is your chance to try everything yourself. View this old comedy that is new on Netflix June 2022, and get a refreshing view of the fun in casino gambling.


Set for release on the 15th of June, Centauro is a Spanish crime drama, featuring Àlex Monner, who plays the role of Rafa, a motorbike racer lived and feared by many in the neighbourhood.

The Netflix film takes a sharp turn when his young son’s mother gets in trouble with a brutal gang threatening to harm her because of a debt owed. Rafa, troubled, looks for all possible solutions and decides to use the one thing he has, his motorbike racing skills, to save up enough to deliver his son’s mother from the gang’s clutches.

In the Netflix film, Rafa finds himself having to do all the bidding of the members of the cartel and inevitably lands himself into a series of serious troubles while also risking his life. Enjoy this seemingly Netflix documentary with your toes curled up and a bowl of popcorn in your laps.

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The soon-to-be-released Netflix film is an American sports drama-based title. The Netflix film features movie stars like Adam Sandler, who plays the defying, determined scout, Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah, and Ben Foster. This movie promises to make you love basketball more, if you were already a basketball fan, and would make you take an interest if you weren’t. What’s more? The cast of this seemingly Netflix documentary includes a real-life basketball player who comes with his A-game, Juancho Hernangomez, appearing as Bo Cruz.

Sure, the movie is sports-based, but it also has a theme of soft romance, determination, money, and surely a lot of excitement. The release’s trailer depicts how Sandler pushed hard to succeed against all odds, alongside his co-star, Bo Cruz. The Netflix film will be released on the 8th of June, just two days after the original release. Stay tuned.


There you go, a list of the coolest new movies released by June 2022. Every film on this list is surely worth every second of your time, so take notes of the release dates and watch them on Netflix.

There are many options to watch on this streaming platform, including a new Netflix documentary. Cheers to an intense Netflix bingeing session and a newfound love for casino gambling, money, crime, and being all-around bad.