Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Promo goes Viral! Fans are Excited for the Second Season and “Seema Aunty”

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Promo goes Viral! Fans are Excited for the Second Season and “Seema Aunty”:

The first season of the series Indian Matchmaking was released during the pandemic and everyone was home, doing nothing. It went quite viral among many people while some even hated it for such a concept. 

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Promo

Now, Netflix is back with the Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Promo and fans have gone absolutely crazy about it. Even though Netflix has not yet released any official release of potential release date, it is going to be released soon. 

For quite some time, fans have been waiting for such shows so that they can be entertained. And now finally, Netflix has released the first promo for the second season. It is quite promising and interesting to see such promos. 

The official post reads “It’s wedding season and Seema Aunty is back (ring emoji). Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking is coming soon! #GoldenFirstLook (sic).” It was quite a new concept when the first season was released. But now, fans have been waiting for the exact thing and they are going to get it. 

Fans and Haters

There are so many fans who have been waiting for the second season’s release. Along with them, there were some fans who hated the entire concept and were very clear about it. Not just that, some of the fans even said that they are going to “Hatewatch” the second season of the show. 

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Indian Matchmaking Season 1

There was a total of 8 episodes in the first season and there were many questions raised by many people. But despite all these things, Sima Taparia who is the host of the show was quite determined to do her best and make perfect matches for those who want to get married. 

Even some netizens were quite sure to leave the second series for sure. They even raised concerns and questions for the first series of the Indian Matchmaking. 

Amongst so many people, their views, and fans – haters, the show received mixed-up responses for the first season. Nobody was so sure about the release of the second season. But with the promo release by Netflix – it went viral. And haters still can’t get over that!

Indian Matchmaking Season 2  Release Date

Netflix has not yet declared any official date regarding the Indian Matchmaking Season 2 release, but it is expected to be released sooner. Because they already released the first promo.